Who to focus on? (General team construction tips)

I’ll cut to the chase, I’m new but I have been watching a lota guides and so far this is what I have;

Water Magic Knight 5* (Unawakened) Fatal/Blade (4* and 2*)
Water Howl 4* (Awakened) (Full Energy 4* and 2*)
Wind Ninja 4* (Unawakened) – Just got him, no runes yet.
Water Epikon Priest 4* (Unawakened) (Full energy 4* and 3*)
Fire Hellhound 3* (Unawakened) – no runes.
Water Inugami 3* (Unawakened) – No runes.
^ Are my best monsters so far, however i have more that have potential.
– Wind warbear
-Fire Taoist
-Fire warbear
-Water Garuda
^ Monsters im not sure of, however I’m keeping them (Some are for fusion),
and a few more that aren’t that good.

So my questions are;
what is the best viable option of a team composition available to me right now?
Who should I focus on to be my 6*, or should I wait for a stronger monster?
Who should my farmer be?
How do I upgarde my monsters? (Anything after Mt. siz is harder than my monsters, it’s quite hard to get good runes.)

Thanks in advance!
PS: I can’t get through faimon 5 normal.

ChaoticOrder Slime Asked on October 14, 2015 in Team Composition.
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magic knight – she is quite good for farming in early game. but later u need a better farmer.
lulu (water howl) – one of the best 2star monster, with 2 healing skill after awaken. full energy( hp%, hp%, hp% on slot 2,4,6)
wind ninja(orochi)- really good againt bosses because of his third skill.awaken him if u can. u can make him a quite good nuker with att%, crit rate, att% on slot 2,4,6(maybe energy, blade or fatal, blade)he also need some hp substat.make his crit rate as high as u can. 100% is the best.
fire hellhound- great attack but really low hp. if u want to use him, awaken him first so that he got new skill, that will buff your attack power and crit rate. energy rune(att%,att%,att%).
fire taoist, fire warbear and water inugami- not really good
water garuda- another one of the best 2star mons in this game. i have seen a lot of people 6star him. full energy(hp%,hp%,hp%). his healing skill is really good because its remove harmfull effect first then heal.
try complete all normal mode on map until faimon valcano so u get your first L&D scroll.
to complete faimon valcano normal, u need magic knight, water holw, water garuda to be with decent rune as i suggested.
with wind ninja, u can farm rune at mt white ragon and hydeni.
hope this help. if anything, u can ask again.

Cencurut Chloe Answered on October 15, 2015.
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I’ve cleared faimon and buffed my ninja up quite a bit. I got light Werewolf from the L&D scroll, I also have wind and water warbear now.
So here’s the question, I’m a little stuck as I don’t want to 6* my magic knight, and I don’t see much benefit from improving hellhound further as I have another nuker now (wind ninja)

So here goes the question, who should I get/6* to be my farmer?

Also my current team composition goes;
1. Magic knight.
2. Wind ninja
3. Howl
4. Epikon priest
(5). Water inugami (for the speed buff, I have no 5th man as of yet, gotta work on the water garuda)

Should I make any improvements?
Also should I 5* my wind ninja?

ChaoticOrder Slime Answered on October 15, 2015.
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In my opinion, you need to focus on getting more 5-star monsters then trying to get a 6-star. You will benefit more from it as you will spend alot of time making it. As you get stronger, 6-star monsters are alot easier to make. Also dont underestimate 5-stars, i’ve made it through dragon b10 with only one 6-star and the rest 5-stars.

As for the monsters, this is how i would prioritize it;

  1. Magic knight because a farmer is the most important
  2. Ramagos he is a beast of a 2-star. extremely good monster. (wind warbear)
  3. Rhina is a tank healer, so she is not easy to kill. (water epikon priest)
  4. Konamiya is a great harmfull effect remover, great for dragon. (water garuda)
  5. Orochi is amazing against bosses with his 3rd skill. (wind ninja)

Also Howl is a worse version of Konamiya so I believe you should just drop him off your team, he is a fodder. The other monsters, such as Hellhound is a good monster til mid game so you should keep him as a fire nuker if you get the time and no better monster. And yes, you should 5* your Orochi.

PS: Since you are new i’ll give you a hint; power monsters up with the same monster and their skills will level up.

I hope this helps!

Syouske Slime Answered on October 15, 2015.
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so u got light werewolf, eshir, with good rune eshir is a beast with his third skill. 5star him and your wind ninja

Cencurut Chloe Answered on October 16, 2015.
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From your monster,
Your 6* worth monster are only orochi and konamiya!
Try too build orochi with 100% crit rate
[good for giant b10]
Try too build konamiya violent energy (spd/hp%/hp%) [good for TOA/dragon b10]
You need too fuse baretta ASAP for your team [good for arena, TOA, any dungeon]
And if you need better farmer than lapis, you can always try too fuse sigmarus!

PetHans Slime Answered on October 16, 2015.
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And if you got eshir, build him rage blade (hp%/crit damage/hp%) [good for guild battle, arena, TOA, dungeons]

PetHans Slime Answered on October 16, 2015.
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I would focus on Orochi, Ramagos, Eshir and Konamiya.  5* at least a full team (5-6 mons) before thinking about making a 6* as you can clear most of the content without a 6*.  Just remember – runes tend to be more important that 5* vs 6* and are worth investing in good ones.  Good luck!

RedRevSix Chloe Answered on October 23, 2015.
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orochi, kona Water garuda, Sieq Fire Hellhound,

factafrost Horned Frog Answered on October 29, 2015.
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Your monster composition are close enough to me
well, mostly i prefer to 5* all of your main monster first ( it’s better for teamwork rather than 1 6* )

Monsters you would like to keep are your ninja, water garuda, light werewolf, magic knight and epikion priest

lulu ( water howl ) would not play much role as you’ve got kona ( water garuda )
also sieq’s def and HP are too low for a 5 stage dungeon ( usually he would got killed if there’s no great healer )
try to get another mid game nuker, like raoq ( yeah, he’s an insane farmer for fire/wind map )

raxion Horned Frog Answered on July 31, 2017.
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