Which monsters should i build?

I currently at lv27 and i’m pretty new here
still confused which mon should i bring up to 6* first

my mons are :
5 star :
– raoq
– hiva
– ninja [ wind ]
– undine [ fire ]
– vigor

4 star :
– allen
– rina
– iselia
– iron
– roger
– lucien
– konamiya
Р brownie magician [ water ]
– magic knight [ water ]
– neostone agent [ wind ]
– barbaric king [ water ]

if possible, pls also recommend runes for them

currently my best mon are raoq ( all 5* fatal/revenge att%/att%/att%runes, 2x +15 and 4x +12 ) and hiva ( all 5* fatal/energy att%/att%/att% runes with 2x +12, 4x +9 )

raxion Horned Frog Asked on July 23, 2017 in Monster Discussion.
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