Which monsters should i build?

I currently at lv27 and i’m pretty new here
still confused which mon should i bring up to 6* first

my mons are :
5 star :
– raoq
– hiva
– ninja [ wind ]
– undine [ fire ]
– vigor

4 star :
– allen
– rina
– iselia
– iron
– roger
– lucien
– konamiya
–  brownie magician [ water ]
– magic knight [ water ]
– neostone agent [ wind ]
– barbaric king [ water ]

if possible, pls also recommend runes for them

currently my best mon are raoq ( all 5* fatal/revenge att%/att%/att%runes, 2x +15 and 4x +12 ) and hiva ( all 5* fatal/energy att%/att%/att% runes with 2x +12, 4x +9 )

raxion Horned Frog Asked on July 23, 2017 in Monster Discussion.
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Well, this windy isn’t bad.
i runed him swift + energy with SPD/HP%/ACC% and he does very well as support ( especially his slow debuff helps alot )

And i’ve got a light inu now
still building him ( 3* lv18 )
any rune recommendation? ( don’t ask for vio/rage because i hardly could done DB & necro )

raxion Horned Frog Answered on July 28, 2017.

Hi Raxion,
Bella is really good. You can rune him with pretty much anything but ignore atk/crit rate/crit damage.
He is utility support. So mainly HP/Defense with some accuracy and speed.
If you have some nice swift runes, go for swift + Energy/Guard or Focus. HP or defense for slot 2/4/6.
If you dont have some nice swift runes, go for a mix of guard/energy runes (maybe focus).
Try get his accuracy over 30%
Anything over 50% is a overkill though.
Also, definitely worth farming fire/water/wind inu’s to level up his skills.

on July 28, 2017.

Thanks for your help so far.

i’ve decided to rune my bella swift/energy with HP/HP/ACC for 2/4/6 tho

He become my main support ( beside windy ) so fast XD

well,my main current team are
– Raoq ( 5*lv35 )
– Hiva or Orochi ( 5*lv35 )
– Lapis ( 5*lv35 )
– Orion [PvP, 4*lv30] or bella [PvE, 4*lv30]
– Windy ( 4*Lv30 )

sometime i swap some monster depend on location
i’m currently have around 14 main monsters
is it a bit too much? ><

on July 29, 2017.
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Update again
here are my mons :

All of 5* and 4* lv30 are properly runed ( mostly 4*-5* +9, some are +6 )

so which mons should i really focused on? because my mons are getting more and more everytime i’m trying to build one ><

and 1 again, i don’t think really need bernard and shannon, as my wind jack oL and megan make a great pair ( 4 buff, ATK, DEF, SPD, CR + 20% ATB)
the only problem is when my megan faced a bernard, she’s easily outspeed due to the difference at basic SPD ( 97 vs 111 )

my favourite team are :
– for dungeons : Raoq, Wind ninja, Bella, Megan, Wind jack oL
– for farming : Raoq
– for giant : Raoq, Hiva, Wind ninja, Rina, Megan
– for PvP : Orion, Raoq, Wind ninja, Megan, Wind Jack oL

raxion Horned Frog Answered on July 31, 2017.
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man only build shannon/megan bernard, get bella and vero, STOP BUILDING **** 2 STARS EXCEPT FOR COLLEEN SHANNON AND KONA! fuse sig. thats what you should be focusing on ok lil guy? if you focus on all that, you will get it done 100times as fast. listen to me noob. LISTEN

jojo Slime Answered on January 25, 2018.
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5 star :
– raoq: good monster, do him with fatal/blade, get something from 50% to 70% crit rate, some crit damage and atk and you are good to go (atk/Crit Rate or Crit damage/atk)
– hiva: good damage dealer monster, but there are better options, I wouldn’t bother with him. Keep it for fusion
– ninja [ wind ]: Very good monster, you can rune him with swift or fatal and go spd/crit rate/atk or hp, he will do a great job
– undine [ fire ]: good healer, but keep in mind that she won’t help you on giants b10, but she is not horrible. Go swift spd/hp/hp
– vigor: all around a good monster, spd buff, heal, tankiness and damage based on your hp. Go swift spd/hp/hp and he will help you

4 star :
– allen: don’t bother, his brothers are better than him
– rina: good monster, very good. Go full energy hp/hp/hp and get some def and resist subs
– iselia: She is pretty bad, her stats are bad and her skill kit don’t have the magic to make her shine, use her for fusion
– iron: He is pretty goo in theory, but when it comes to numbers he is not worth it, use him for fusion
– roger: bad stats, bad multipliers and his brother are better than him
– lucien: Bad, the only Elven Ranger that is worth it is the fire one for Necro, you can use Lucien for food and you will not regret it
– konamiya: awesome monster, very versatile. Rune it swift spd/hp/hp and he will help you with giants and dragons and even raids later on
–  brownie magician [ water ]: awesome monster, rune him swift as fast as you can
– magic knight [ water ]: very good early game farmer. She can also help you in giants and other stuff later on. Rune her as a damage dealer, same as Raoq
– neostone agent [ wind ]: good support, but for later, for now she won’t help you that much, keep her in storage for later
– barbaric king [ water ]: good monster for early game players, he deals lot’s of damage and with that vampire set the game gives you later he can solo faimon hell

masciel Slime Answered on February 14, 2018.
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