Which monsters should i build?

I currently at lv27 and i’m pretty new here
still confused which mon should i bring up to 6* first

my mons are :
5 star :
– raoq
– hiva
– ninja [ wind ]
– undine [ fire ]
– vigor

4 star :
– allen
– rina
– iselia
– iron
– roger
– lucien
– konamiya
–  brownie magician [ water ]
– magic knight [ water ]
– neostone agent [ wind ]
– barbaric king [ water ]

if possible, pls also recommend runes for them

currently my best mon are raoq ( all 5* fatal/revenge att%/att%/att%runes, 2x +15 and 4x +12 ) and hiva ( all 5* fatal/energy att%/att%/att% runes with 2x +12, 4x +9 )

raxion Horned Frog Asked on July 23, 2017 in Monster Discussion.
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I just joined three seconds ago!
I have made a graph using an algorithm I made:

I’m hoping that the graph will show, and that my username is funny as well as creepy.

As for runes, I have no idea. Since I can’t create an algorithm for them, I simply chose random ones.

Hi_Raxion Slime Answered on July 23, 2017.

I graphed it using only the scores at the highest level possible.

Sorry, I only did six because they were only ones you gave me the type for (Water/Fire/Wind/ect.)

on July 23, 2017.
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I wish I was cool enough to make graphs.  but you gotta believe me when I say, “What the …?”.

You should have a light Garuda too.  he is really good as well as a wind Yeti from tutorial.  they are great and you should work on them.  Your number one goal is to fuse a Veromos.  HE is super important.  Save Devilmos for him.  Save awakening material for him.  Just do it.  Don’t question me.

Get belladeon, you missed begging in every chat channel for her today.  There is always next sunday.

You need Darion.  You missed him today too.

And You need a wind Griffon.  Bernie is good. and spectra.  I am rambling on so here is my non-fancy un-graphed take on your commune.

5 star :
– raoq – stop developing this mon at max 35, you can use him as a farmer.  Dime a dozen fusion mon.
– hiva – stop now this guy is food for any other mon
– ninja [ wind ] – yeah! this guy is good, work on him
– undine [ fire ] – fusion mon, and don’t waste any effort on her save for fusion
– vigor – garbage mon stop building, fodder4 star :
– allen – trash mon = stop
– rina – allright !  take this lady out for dinner!
– iselia – fodder
– iron – save for fusion only take to L30
– roger – slug, don’t wast your time
– Lucien – NO!
– konamiya – YEAH!~ this chicken kicks it.
–  brownie magician [ water ] – this little whatever it is kicks butt too.  Six star all the way
– magic knight [ water ] – MEH to the 9th power (MEH^9)
– neostone agent [ wind ] – this chick is cute and she rocks.  three thumbs up.
– barbaric king [ water ] – I have no opinion.  HA.  This dude isn’t so bad.  An on the back burner kinda mon.  He has a good use here and there

Wallypuppy Summoner Answered on July 24, 2017.
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IMO pick a small core team and focus on them.
Try not to spread your runes too far, pick 5 or 6 guys total to work on.

Roaq is probably going to be one of your key guys at the moment.
Give him the best runes and getting him farming – feed him other inugamis’s to build up his skill (until you get bella (light one)).
He will then allow you to build up the level of everyone else.
If you 6 star roaq, he will be a good farmer for quite some time. Late game he will probably be replaced though.

Wind neostone agent is good – level her up
barbaric king [ water ] is pretty good – level him up
wind ninja is good. work on his crit rate + accuracy – his 3rd skill is a boss killer (just watch out for the giant’s counter attack.
Konamiya is also pretty good once you have maxed his skills

you can receive an awakened wind griffon through the challenges (bernard is really good and will be a useful guy for up to & past lvl 50)
your nat 4’s are worth keeping but monsters like water brownie magician are generally only good much later in the game.

For runes, slot 2/4/6/ you want as % stats (or spd) over flat stats – HP +10% on a rune is far better than HP +1000 (long term).

Roaq: yes, lots of attack on him. Fatal + blade or just whichever are your best runes (next saturday is free rune removal date too)
Wind Ninja: Blade + Blade + Any (slot 4 should be crit rate, slot 2 & 6 can really be anything, personally i like HP & Defense with acc substats), this is a build purely for Dungeons and TOA, probably less helpful in PVP
Wind Neo Agent: Swift + any. SPD/Atk/Def/HP really all can work with her (she hits hard (3rd skill) but you want her surviving too)
Barbaric King: Swift + Focus or Fatal + Focus, you can add accuracy to him, again or spd/atk/hp/def again tough enough to survive but you want him to land all his nasty attacks and his damage is handy too
A healer is important too, maybe Vigor on lvl 35: Energy runes x3 & HP/HP/HP

Additional healer options:
konamiya – 3 handy skills (plenty of people have him to lvl 35 and quite a few at 40). For now he’ll be squishy, so if you opt for him go for HP/Def
Fire Undine maybe OK…

Through the challenges, you will get an awakened wind pixie (shannon), she is really handy and worth building straight away – if you have fed her already, build another.
Through the challenges, you will get an awakened wind griffon (bernard), he is really handy and worth building straight away.

Belladeon (light inugami is heavily sought after because he really is well rounded with plenty of utility)
It is also never too early to start building Vero – I wouldnt work on any of the other fusions for some time (and it will take fricking ages).
For weekly devilmons, i would either feed them to wind neostone agent or wind ninja.
Also, I wouldnt awaken anyone that wont be part of your core team.

State84 Summoner Answered on July 24, 2017.
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Well, thanks for such good answers.
I could say i will keep that raoq till maybe around lv35-40. He’s extremely useful farmer at wind/fire map ( due to his passive )
For other common mons, yeah i missed them. I’ve been asking for sd and mostly are full ( so no luck yet )

And i think my mons are mostly built for pvp i guess? My hiva 3rd skill could wipe out 1 4* attack type mon with att buff

So my conclusion, the mons i should build are darion, bella and bernard?

raxion Horned Frog Answered on July 25, 2017.
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Hi, I changed my username. Here is another graph:

Username Slime Answered on July 25, 2017.
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I can’t figure out where I went wrong, because this graph does not match up with what the experienced players are saying, I probably made a mistake.

Username Slime Answered on July 25, 2017.
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From what i saw, mostly exprienced player prefer 1-2 nuker with supports
Well, my play style are strike hard and fast ( my raoq could reach speed of 163) so it’s a bit different hahaha

raxion Horned Frog Answered on July 25, 2017.
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I am not sure what the graph is meant to show. But any general monster comparisons should take into account what the player is looking to achieve. So username’s graph above possibly shows Water Brownie Magician as very highly rated.
Where as I think water brownie magician is good for PVP (and really good PVP defense) but all for late game players.
As an early to mid game player (looking to complete scenarios, dungeons or TOA), water magician brownie just is not that great.
While Fire inugami is a good farmer which is absolutely vital for early players but lacks end game requirements.
While Wind Griffon’s and Light inugami’s are absolute bread and butter for early – mid game and often late game players too. Both are very versatile with plenty to offer. Both are also about the most common monsters for people to start clearing GB10 and then on auto (this is one of the biggest and is the most important achievements of the game).

Raxion’s graph at the top which may show average ratings for monsters is really helpful as a base and a judgement on how good your monsters are.
But remember that your monsters work together and it really is all about getting a team that works well together. I.e. support characters are best if the offer different buffs and debuff/atk monsters are better if they offer different debuffs (apart from those that stack like continuous damage).

I also agree with Raxion. Most game content (excluding PVP), is best with only 1 or sometimes 2 nukers and everybody else helping the nukers stay alive or inflict additional damage.
Especially the earlier in the game you are.
With a nuker as powerful as roaq, support guys are key. Those that either boost your stats with buffs or those that reduce the enemies stats with debuffs.

So Raxion, who are you looking at for your core team?

State84 Summoner Answered on July 25, 2017.

Most complete explanation so far i guess,
maybe for now i would go on ninja and raoq. If possible i would try to find an alternate to hiva too
well, so far my strategy are striking as strong and hard as possible

i’m currently building a light fairy queen ( 2 healing + atk buff on 3rd skill ). Well, maybe the last another slot i would fill in a debuffer

for rune, i don’t have any trouble since my team could do GB7 easily in manual

on July 25, 2017.
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so i’ve summoned another nat 4*
Jack O’lattern [ wind ]

is it a good mon? because his 3rd is a passive ( shield eq to 20% of hp every time he got attacked )

raxion Horned Frog Answered on July 26, 2017.
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His 1st and 2nd skills aren’t bad.
If you are going to build him, I would concentrate on his HP to really boost the effectiveness of his passive.
Either a mix of energy & focus runes or swift & energy runes.
As you are short on support monsters, he does fit in with well with wind neo agent (no overlapping buffs).

But I think, once you have received Bernard (wind griffon) from the challenges, he will probably replace the wind Jack O’Lantern.

State84 Summoner Answered on July 26, 2017.
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