What to 6* next?

Hi Forum,

I took a break from the game and returned a few weeks ago. I’m a bit lost since I’m struggling to decide what to 6* next. Hopefully somebody can help me out.

My monsters:

I’m currently able to do the following:
GB8 with Veromos, Belladeon, Shannon, Bernard, Darion
DB7 with GB8 team
NB5 with Water Mage Knight, Belladeon, Colleen, Veromos, Hraesvelg
TOA49 (currently struggling on Poseidon on stage 50) with various

My goals are a stable GB10 team, then DB10, to improve on TOA and get into Raid.

Any guidance is appreciated.

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I think you can go GB10 with that giants team that you are using, and of course to speed things up replace Darion with any dps.

I would go for chilling first or Lapis , as they can be used in Giants, Dragons and Necro. (lapis can be used in TOA normal too)

After that, Spectra if you want to do Dragons first, Or benard for your TOA.
So for now i think i would recomend Vero, Bella, Chiling, Spectra and megan for your DB10 after your Giant farming is done.

and feed your megan, you have so many witches =0

faytz7 Golem Answered on January 5, 2018.
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thank you for your thoughts!

Yes, a lot of Witches, Bears, Griffons and Vagabonds. I leveled them to 6* the respective mons.

Vero, Bella are already 6*. Yay. 🙂

GB10 is not working by now, Bernard, Shannon, Darion – one of them is always dying. 🙁

Lapis is interesting. I thought I should do something like Shannon, Hraesvelg (seems to be a good dps), Galeone or Baretta. Chilling was never on my list for GB10. How would that team look like? Vero, Bella, Lapis, Chilling, Bernard?

IDSchonWeg Slime Answered on January 5, 2018.
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the reason why i didnt mention Hraesvelg is because i think his USAGE in the game is very limited in my opinion. In PVE, good for Giants(which you are farming now), and end game raiding.  PVP sure.

Lapis could be used in giants, Dragons, NEcro even. TOA normal too. maybe even fire rift beasts. pvp also decent for beginners.  Lapis also can farm Faimon hard/hell solo too.

Long story short lapis is useful almost everywhere for beginners.

Any way for your GB10, i think for Safe runs you can go for Vero (lead), bella, shannon, benard and lapis. (that’s what i did when i first started out). go farm lower giants if you must for like 5 star runes or so and power them up to +12, and you should be fine for giants B10.

Chilling is good later on for Giants, Dragons and necro later on when you have decent runes.  if you want chilling in giants team, i think you can replace benard instead.

you need shannon if you want to have safer runs in giants B10. Level 35 will do.  She does alot of things, i think you can read her abilities for yourself =0

faytz7 Golem Answered on January 9, 2018.
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Really any farmable monster can be useful for something, but for toa, I think that spectra and the vero you have will be helpful.

For GB10, you should build all of your guys stronger. There is no imminent need to replace darion, and if everyone is built better, they can win.

Conradland12 Chloe Answered on February 9, 2018.
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Thanks to all your answers I evolved my Megan just because I had the witches leveled already.

I also fused a Sigmarus and summoned a Chasun and GB10 is working now.

Now I have nearly the food ready to evolve the next 6* and thanks to your answers I’m discussing with myself to do a Lapis, Baretta (because at 5* I can’t really use her for TOA), Sigmarus (because in GB10 he is dying to fast) or Diana (so awesome in PvP).

Thanks again for your input.

IDSchonWeg Slime Answered on February 13, 2018.
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