What team i should focus on?

i recently came back to play after 2 years or so and i want to start playing more serious and make a DB10 GB10 teams.

these are the mons i got

Rina – full hp runes
sigmarus – Fatal + blade – focus on AP
roaq – same
verede – fatal + energy – SPD/CRT/AP (96% crt)
katarina – fatal + blade – full ap
lushen – same
ahman – violent+energy – spd/crit/hp (87% crit)
megan – swift + focus – spd/hp/resistance

and all the rest are new without runes.
i know i got mostly DPS that’s why im working on supports but im not sure which to invest in.

i would like to hear your opinions and what i should do next

yaroms Slime Asked on May 2, 2017 in Giants/Dragons.
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GB10 is all about survival.
The corner stone of most successful GB10 teams is vero. Without Vero that defense down is going to hurt… alot.

Without a team defense boost, the giant is very tough and unfortunately both Bella and Bernard are pretty much standard GB10 choices.
As you have both at lvl 35 already, focus on them with enough hp/defense to survive.
You have Megan who has defense boost… but your 3 star shannon is more likely to be a long term solution.
Once you have a team consistently winning, then you can include lushen to speed everything up – but at first he just wont survive.

As such i would probably run with:
Megan / Shannon
Sigimarus/Katarina (better not to have both)
If you could make it work with verdehile, I would go for him. Use him to attack crystals – not the giant.
But then you will be running with 1 healer and no cleanse.
The 5th slot can also be run with a friend – Wind Oracle should be your 1st choice friend if possible.
A constant dot dealer will help too.

Overall, its a great selection but working towards vero is important.
Megan has some advantages but Shannon has better advantages.
Sigimarus, needs to have enough health to survive.
You will also need a selected monster to accept the Giant’s counter. So someone or 2  tanks with high HP/Defense and as you have no cleanser a good enough resistance will help.
You are also going to need great runes to run this on auto.

I would focus entirely on your GB10 team before you go for the DB10.
With a GB10 team, you will be getting better runes and then look to DB10.

Good luck!

State84 Summoner Answered on May 2, 2017.
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i thought about the fire neostone as a cleanser, what do you think?

yaroms Slime Answered on May 2, 2017.
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Yes & no, she may have cleanse but she has the element disadvantage.
She does have debuff which is nice.
Also, who would you aim her 3rd skill at? The crystal almost seems like a waste but if you go for the Giant, you end up with a load of hits on the giant (which could do minimal damage) and timed badly could lead to anyone being countered.
If fully skilled (I.e. 3rd skill can be used every 4 goes… then maybe) but I just think she will be a liability.
I know she’s really good but I think you have better options.

She will be helpful against the dragons though.

State84 Summoner Answered on May 2, 2017.
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how about this team:
megan – buff + dot + dispel
akham – AOE heal
sigmarus – Attack  Break
Bernard – speed + defense break
lushen – hopefully speed break

i know i miss a cleanse and lushens speed reduction is a gamble but do you think it could work?

yaroms Slime Answered on May 3, 2017.
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Yes, I agree to the gamble.
With high rank speed GB10 teams, Lushen is often a key player.
I don’t think you could select him for your team based on the speed buff possibility though.

I guess you will need to have really good runes to make this work.
I am not too familiar with Akham. I know you have him 6*’d but with free rune removal this weekend, I would give your team a go with the best runes you have.
I would also try swapping Bella for akham (bella is one of the most  standard options for early GB runs).
Its going to be a tough ask either way.

The key will be survival, get your team with enough HP & defense to survive.
I think its best to have 1 or 2 guys to be your tanks and receive that counter (probably not going to be megan, lushen or sig).
But on a plus side, when this team does start working. It will be a fairly quick team.
But I expect for now, the rune requirements will be too high.

Let me know how it goes though.

State84 Summoner Answered on May 3, 2017.
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you should farm vero

sw Horned Frog Answered on May 5, 2017.
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i am far from being able to fuse vero,

currently i tried
sigmarus – 14k hp, 2200 atk, 86% crit, 116% crit dmg
bernard – 15k hp, 215 spd, 67% acc
megan – 12k hp, 170 spd, 60% acc
ahman – 28k hp, 90% crit (heals for 4k per hit)
and bella – 15k hp, 185 spd, 25% acc (full skilled)
it takes me about 6.5 min for a run (most 5* runes and 4* runes) ( +12 , +9 mostly).
(leaving lushen on the bench for now, i dont know when i will be able to squeeze him in)

i find Megan’s shield very hard to time since its only for 2 turns and my team is kinda fast plus she is the first one to die if something doesn’t go as planed even when i have sigmarus as leader.
i don’t always manage to remove the buff from the giant all the time.

my tactics so far is to tank the giant with bernard/ahman/bella, and use megans shield as close as possible to the giant’s attack

i think about getting a water garuda instead of bella for cleanse since the giants still hits my team very hard.
i don’t wanna invest in shannon too much but maybe i will have to level her and replace with megan after all if i want to be able to auto mode.

yaroms Slime Answered on May 6, 2017.
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For gaint b10, it has a lot of easy team can pass.
You can search easy. THis video is an example

sw Horned Frog Answered on May 10, 2017.

This clip is GB7 though 🙂
With the most standard GB10 squad – Vero

on May 11, 2017.
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Just a quick update,
I fused vero and now my team is Sig(L), Vero, Megan, Ahman, bernard
my success rate is about 85% with average of 3:30 minutes per run.

My biggest problem on auto is when the Megan AI attack the boss on the 6th turn and takes the hit from the giant, i don’t know how i can avoid that, also Bernard’s AI don’t always use the second skill for some reason resulting in a wipe.
Also i need to find a way to adjust my Vero to go right after the defense break tower makes his move cause currently vero goes first and than tower and than giant.

I’m now considering who to 6* first, Megan or Bernard, the rest are 6*
my Megan isn’t maxed at her second skill and i cant seem to find any other witches to skill her up.

That’s all,
thanks for the help everybody

yaroms Slime Answered on May 27, 2017.
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So someone or 2 tanks with high horsepower/defense and you have no good enough resistance to the cleaner will help. You also need great runes to run this on the car. Crystal almost looks like a waste, but if you go to the giant and dissertation help UK, you end up hitting the giant’s hit load (which can cause minimal damage), and timing can seriously cause anyone to be countered.

amandaleon Slime Answered on July 4, 2018.

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