What should i focus at this part of the game

Hello guys.

Currently I am farming Giants and Dragons B10 with 100% succes rate with my team .
In addition i am able to do TOAH till level 90 with a 5* mav.

Right now i wana focus on the next PVE aspect of the game, and unsure what to focus after dragons B10.

Should i focus on creating a team that can clear necro B10? or straight away go for R4/R5 raids? (ps i dont want to focus on rift beasts cause i know getting anything less S rank is kinda wasting energy).

(in addition, dont ask me to farm more Dragons B10, i know i can never have enough violent runes,  I wana focus on the next aspect of the game as I have a bunch of 5 star rainbow mons in bank)

faytz7 Golem Asked on January 3, 2018 in Team Composition.
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So first of alll, I was wondering if you are farming GB10. That would be something to look into. Next, try to build guys fir fun and for rift and NB10

Conradland12 Chloe Answered on January 3, 2018.
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GB10 runes are farmed up already, got like tons of 6 star runes like fatal blade etc.

Build monsters for raids or Nb10 for PVE, thats the question >.<

faytz7 Golem Answered on January 3, 2018.
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We need to know wich monster u have for Know if u have to focus on raid or necro

Nainvocateur59 Slime Answered on January 4, 2018.
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Oh, sry,  i kinda forgot to  upload what monsters i have.

The current monsters i have are 6*
lapis, megan sigmarus ,spectra ,colleen ,baretta, adrian ,Benard, lupinus, belladeon, veromos, hellea. Mav

And 5* are:
Galleon, Tarq, Rigel, Lucasha, Smokey, Tesarion, Xiong Fei, Perna, shannon, Julien, Akhamair, Mantura, Konamiya, Antares. Ardella. Silver,

a few pvp monsters such as Fairyking, trinity,
a few niche such as wind neo stoneagent and wind harp magician.

No Hwa or Lisa or Water kungfu girl, =(

faytz7 Golem Answered on January 4, 2018.
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So, the Necro runes are PVP based.  The giants runes are basic PVE and the dragon is better PVE and general PVP.  This is a general and broad observation that attempts to make some sense of the grouping of runes in each basement.  Don’t get bent on this, people.

Toa and ToaH take some good runes and select mons to complete.  And hopefully you have all your glory point upgrade buildings!  But I say work on the ToA mons while 6* some of your worthy 5*.  And in the meantime maybe you will score a great R5 mon.

Good luck, Brother.

Wallypuppy Summoner Answered on January 5, 2018.
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