What monster should i build next?

Well, still working on vero, but confused which mons should i focused on currently
List :
– Jun
– Fuco
– Vigor
– Megan
– Magic Knight (Water)
– Raoq
– Undine (Fire)
– Hiva (will get rid of soon)
– Orochi
– Julien
– Panda Warrior (Wind)
– Belladeon
– Darion
– Gildong
– Rina
– Konamiya
– Brownie Magician (water)
– Death Knight (water)
– Samurai (water)
– Neostone Fighter (fire)
– Sky Dancer (fire)
– Bernard
– Shannon
– Jubelle
– Neostone Agent (Wind)

Yea, pretty much monster, but all of it are well runed, (5* at least, some mixed with 4*) on +12/+9 and at max lvl

raxion Horned Frog Asked on June 17, 2018 in Monster Discussion.
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I would go for Wind Panda followed by Bella.
If your wind Panda is tanky, he really helps with Giant Basements (Even with triple hits).
If you havent already, I would feed him all my devilmons and then save the rest for when you have vero.

Bella is a great jack of all traits – she helps in most aspects of the game and most starter GB10 teams feature her.
If you lift both bernard and shannon to 5*, they are good GB10 members and they are able to fulfill their roles comfortably at 5* (Shannon never needs to be a 6*).
Keep working on Vero and once you have him, he takes priority.

State84 Summoner Answered on June 18, 2018.

My panda isn’t very tanky with 10K HP and around 1,4K deff, still working on his awakening tho

as for bella, he’s currently at 18K HP + 813deff with 148 speed, is that enough for a GB10?

for shannon and bernard, maybe i’ll try to up them to 5*

So far, my currently team for dungeons are  :  Jun, fire undine, megan, darion, and bella ( they works pretty well together tho )

on June 21, 2018.
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Bernard hands down!  huge staple in game!  followed by bella next!

murderinx Slime Answered on June 21, 2018.
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