What are people’s dungeon (magic, wind, fire, water, etc) team setups made of?

So just throwing this out for a bit of discussion.  Interested in what combination of mons people are using for dungeons/giants/dragons/etc.  It doesn’t need to be specific mons, just class types (dmg, heals, buffer, debuffer, tank, etc) but feel free to list mons as you like.

I find myself typically using 1 attacker, 2 heals, and 2 support for most dungeons over B6/B7 auto farming.  Example would be my water dungeon team: Orochi -dmg/lead, Shannon – buff/debuff support, Bernard – buff/debuff support, Bella – heals, Acasis – shield  buff support/minor heals.

Anyway put your setup/teams out there for people to see.  Thanks!

RedRevSix Chloe Asked on November 4, 2015 in Giants/Dragons.
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I only have two 6* at the moment- Chasun and Jojo so I basically use them for everything:D Most of the time I’m trying to level up fodder while farming so I bring two healers with Jojo and two three stars I want to fodder to auto b6 elemental dungeons.

B7 magic is much more easier, I just use the same mons, but for dragons and giants I would use two healers, Jojo along with a support mon (Luer) and a rep mon to farm quickly:)

Thanks for showing us your team! I definitely need to work on Bernard and Bella, but so preoccupied with vero fusion at the moment and awakening sig that I don’t really think about dungeon teams, basically just use whatever mons I have:D

Pansage Golem Answered on November 5, 2015.
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