Want to get GB10 under 2 mins… help!

Hi guys looking to get my GB10 to 1-2 mins consistent and reliable.
Current team is 2-2:45 min
Sig(L) – 13419hp 899def 2450atk 163spd 80crit 137critdmg
Vero – 21488hp 986def 170spd 61acc
Bella – 19810hp 972def 186spd 64acc
Bernard – 18246hp 616def 203spd 52acc
Galleon – 23491 hp 697def 177spd 60acc

Looking for areas I need to improve on or mons i should switch out…
List o Mons:

Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Tactik Slime Asked on May 6, 2018 in Giants/Dragons.
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First of all, build amarna (light anubis). Its a big help.

Now, for GB10, you have to really either have lushen (wind joker) or teshar (wind pheonix). Nothing else can really get your time that low. I’d recommend saving your stones for a lushen rotation.

Hope this helps!

Conradland12 Chloe Answered on May 7, 2018.
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