So just pulled Fire Valkyrja (Vanessa) yesterday (Legend Scroll from a World Boss Fight!)
This account has no Lushen or Alt Arena Speed lead.

So pretty happy to get her (new Nat 5 – who wouldnt be happy).
Opinions on how to rune her? Realistically, I dont expect her to get much/any use outside of arena.
Current arena offence: Zaiross (L), Galleon, Bernard, Sig (to clear any leftovers).
This offence works well as the Bernard is really quick and expects to get the first move… most of the time.
I have a low defense as I am still trying to farm glory points, so rarely have to fight will rune defenses.

Looking at an arena offence of: Vanessa (L), galleon, Zaiross +1
I’ll probably stick with Sig as my Galleon & Zaiross are both quick and fairly speed timed. Zaiross also packs a punch (with accuracy to boot).

Thinking of putting HP/Atk/Atk on Vanessa (No spare crit damage slot4 – better options elsewhere) but if all goes well, she won’t even move.
Talk about a niche nat 5, she is best used when she doesn’t get a go 🙂

This account has been saving devilmons up for a while now (19 devilmons in storage, waiting for something to invest in), Can’t help but feel that she wouldnt be a great use of these devilmons…

State84 Summoner Asked on July 11, 2018 in Arena.


on November 7, 2019.
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I mean, this wouldn’t be bad if you used your devilmons on her, what else do you have to use them on? Vanessa should be built more like a tank to me, someone that can’t die before your nuker does so she can revive that nuker. So maybe do whatever set you want with spd, hp, hp, if you have that.

Hope this helps!

Conradland12 Chloe Answered on July 14, 2018.
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I actually got vanessa now too, and she is a great help. She can really get that def break on the one person your galleon misses it on and is good for rta. I have put my devilmon into her as well.

Conradland12 Chloe Answered on November 19, 2018.
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Lawson388 Horned Frog Answered on March 2, 2019.
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Shes a good unit to pair with Galleon and I Rune her with Violent/ Focus

FrenchFryKilr4 Slime Answered on November 7, 2019.
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she wouldn’t be a great use of these devilmons.
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loretta Slime Answered on August 7, 2018.
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