Too Many Monsters!


Hi guys,

I have two games, and I have so many guys to build it is getting crazy! I’m wondering who to evolve first in each game, so these are my monsters:



If anyone can tell me who to build next, that would be great!

(Some other info: I can do GB10 in 4:00 with a 40% chance, ToA 70, ToAH 35 in my main)
(I can’t do any of that in my alt)


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First of all congrats! Both accounts have some really good monsters!

So, main account.
GB10 in 4minutes with a 40% chance should probably be your top priority.

Maybe something along these lines
Vero – GB10 MVP
Sig (lead) – Damage dealer + good lead skill
Bernard – ATK reduction on skill 2 is one of the most important debuffs
Bastet – great all round kit
Emma / Bella – Well, you need a healer too.
Survival is king. To help survival, vero’s cleanse is really helpful and having 2 monsters with ATK Down is very helpful (Bernard and Bastet… I don’t count Sig).

Sig is a little squishy, if you are still having problems either boost his stats or replace him.
Dias is a great replacement…. but he wont really speed up your runs.
Vero, Bernard, Bastet, Healer do not need Atk/Crit R/Crit D. Vero’s dots will be a good damage dealer.
Again, feel free to ignore the above team – there are plenty of other options. But GB10 should really be your focus.
Grinding those runes are so important.
Better runes will help with TOA and everything else anyway.

Also with the monsters you have, DB10 should be quite achievable as well (maybe even easier than GB10)
Laima (wow crazy lucky)
Verde (L)
Maybe you could fit sig / Lisa etc in too.

For TOA, Verad is king.
Barretta is also great the higher up you get where dots pile up.
Sig is now better too with his freeze (if you have the acc + crit rate).
Verde is great for quick turn cycling

Now that i have put all that down, the best advice I can give is pick an option and concentrate on that.
Try not to do too many things at the same time – almost a curse to get too many good things all at once – you poor guy 🙂

So after all that – I would work on:
Bastet first (get her 6 star)
Dias (2nd) – He is useful in multiple places (Yes, I know boring – far more exciting options but he allows others to get the job done).
Bernard 3rd…. if Bastet/Dias hasn’t solved your GB10 teams (I really don’t like Bernard and a well runed 5star bernard should be enough).

I would feed to:

Now, Alt account.
1st Chow
Then i would probably work on standard GB10 teams.
Getting Vero
Leveling up Bella, Bernard, Shannon – again try hard to keep a small focus.

State84 Summoner Answered on March 8, 2018.
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He got Homunculus so this is a fake.

LaFatalite Slime Answered on March 12, 2018.

This aint fake

on March 13, 2018.
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My advice is don’t play on an alt. Just do something else with your time. You can pull nat5 in very annoying combinations while playing on an alt.

Imagine if you pull a light/dark nat5 on your alt, and then you start playing on it for awhile trying to make it your main. And then on your main you pull Psmathe, Ganymede or some other meta key nat5, or even another LD nat5. You’re gonna wish you were just all playing on the same account so you could have pulled all of those on the same account.

As far as your next 6*. I’d go with Beth hands down.

Arc4n3 Slime Answered on March 21, 2018.

I actually got dark monkey king not too long ago. On my alt’s alt. I was desperate for ld lightning

on April 9, 2018.
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