ToA Normal Help and Which monster will help me next..

Hello Guys

im stuck in Toa Normal Stage 50.

I have  Baretta Spectra  Thrain Mav Basalt Coleen Veromos Bella but im losing at stage 50.. what am i doing wrong

and im not Sure which monster will help me next here is a List

Kitsune Dark
Sky Dancer Fire
Wind Horus
Wind Mermaid

so far i can auto clear GB10 with Vero bella Shannon Lagmaron and Bernard ive got 2 Nat 5’s and veromos .

im only Farming Gb10 i dont know what to do or if i do the right thing doe i would appreciate if some1 help me out and can tell me why i dont get Stage 50 .. xD iw ant the 2 mystics so bad  LAWL

KanekiKen44 Slime Asked on April 29, 2018 in Miscellaneous.
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Looks like you have the monsters to get it done, although I would highly recommend building Mantura when you have the time/resources.
Ideally you’ll have Baretta lead for the speed buff. Make sure you’re 6* ing your core at the very least, Barretta, Vero and Bella.
For strategy, the name of the game is turn differential. You want as much ATB push back, stun and freeze as possible so you can stack up several debuffs (mainly DoT) before the enemies get a turn. Also make sure you have slow AOE for the enemy (Spectra, Mantura) and Speed for yourself (Bernard, Mav). On the boss stages where they can’t be stunned, you might have to switch your team up to focus more on the debuffs to stay alive. But with Baretta S2 being used on the boss while stunning the other mons, you can still let them get very few turns.
All that’s left is rune quality. There’s plenty of guides with stats recommendations to aim for. 45% ACC, 170+ speed for stunners and ATB pushback (preferably everyone), as much effective HP as you can manage.

Once your setup is running well, most waves should never get to act due to slows and stuns. From there, you just need to be tanky for when attacks slip through and the bosses. Almost all of your serious damage will be from stacking DoT debuffs and Max HP based attacks like Spectra S2 so don’t worry about attack stat, but crit chance/damage certainly help.

lilodot Slime Answered on May 1, 2018.
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