Belladeon SD tips (or any other SD really)

Tips for Belladeon SD (or any other SD)

This is a very simpel strategy that is great if you have trouble getting all this summoning pieces from the SD.

Try 2 minute runs and then re-run, it will prove to be more efficient than running until you die or finish stage 10. This is be cause you will waste a lot of time when the monsters get stronger and harder to kill. Lets do the math:

You need 40 pieces and lets assume you are guaranteed 1 piece from 2 minute runs, and maybe 2.

60 (min) divided by 2 (min) is equal to 30 runs

This means you are guaranteed 30 pieces and you will probably get 2 pieces in some of the runs so really more like 40 pieces. If you don’t like the odds you just adjust your run time to whatever you see fit 😀

You also want to run a team with only aoe/attack monsters. You dont really want healers and tanks. Only monsters who do alot of damage to a lot of enemies. You want to get as far as possible, as fast as possible.

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Libby Trainer Asked on September 28, 2016 in Monster Discussion.
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