Stuck on ToAN 30 ( Camilla’s floor )

Well, i can’t get pass this stage due to the boss’ passive heal and those 2 rina keep on healing the boss

i’ve try lots of different combination, but none of them succeed.
The main problem is :
– my raoq got an elemental disadvantage to the boss
– my orochi’s continous damage didn’t work on the boss due to her passive

i can’t kill the boss, but my team didn’t get wiped too because of my healers ( rina and vigor got lots of HP, 21k for rina and 17k for vigor )

my mons currently are :
– Raoq ( highest ATK and crit damage )
– Hiva
– orochi ( second highest ATK )
– Lapis
– Vigor
– Windy ( currently fastest at 145 SPD )
– Megan ( 2nd fastest at 142 SPD )
– Belladeon ( 3rd fastest at 140 SPD )
– Konamiya
– Olivia
– Orion
– Rina
– Lucien
– Jubelle

all mons above are properly runed ( mostly 4* and 5* +9 rune ) except for raoq and orochi ( 5×5* +12 and 1×5* +15 )

raxion Horned Frog Asked on July 30, 2017 in ToA.
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With your team, it would probably be best to try kill the Rina’s first.

My team would be:

Roaq’s elemental disadvantage kinda helps. He is less likely to land crit hits (bringing up their shields).
Orochi would have to attack the light vampires though (otherwise he will bring up their shields). Unless Megan’s buff block is in place.
If vigor has a high crit rate, you may be better landing skill 1 against the vampire’s unless Rina has just had her shield renewed. His 3rd skill against a defence down & non-shielded Rina would be effective.
Megan’s skill may also help (remove shield and block the shield from deploying).
Bella likewise has defense down + shield removal.
Also time Vigor’s heal block skill 1 on the Rina for when they are likely to heal.

Any of your guys with high crit rates are better off landing against light vampires while the other’s battle the Rina’s.

Option 2:
The standard option would be to spam the light vampires, they will drain health from everyone else.
This will work if you can do more damage to them then the Rina’s can heal.
By hitting them enough, they will also lower the Rina’s health.
Once they are dead, both Rina’s should also be killable.

State84 Summoner Answered on July 31, 2017.
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Well, kinda easy theory, but i think you’ve forgotten 1 thing
that boss’ damage is kinda butthurt

Since my raoq got an element disadvantages, so that camilla keep on attacking raoq, forcing me to bring out 2 healers ( rina and bella ) to keep him from dying. and that’s 1 slot waste
unfortunately, mostly my mons crit rate are around 40-50% ( since i build them for purely maximum damage ) and that’s enough number for landing crits on almost every turn, while megan’s 2nd skill cooldown are kinda slow

raxion Horned Frog Answered on July 31, 2017.
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Sorry to say but I think you will still be a fair bit off going straight for Camilla.
The only other thing I could suggest would be to move your runes around on Saturday (Free rune removal day).
Stack your best runes on a core team – those you like & those you have skilled up.

If you are going for the light vampire route, then you could stack a couple of wind element guys in your squad and just aim for out surviving the enemy.
If so your squad could be:
Olivia – Defense up
Windy – crit rate up (+speed)
Orochi – damage dealer
Vigor/Rina – tank + healer
Bella – tank + healer
This also means that your Vigor/Rina & Bella will take most of the hits. So build them pretty tanky.
If you go for Vigor, try to use his speed/recovery up to not overlap windy’s speed up.
Windy will help your ninja land his crits but you could sub him out for Megan. But megan would need to be tanky enough to survive.

But if you are still stumped, keep building Bella’s skills and general runes.
TOA is built to block people. This is not an easy one and there arent really any shortcuts, just grinding.
Best to concentrate on Giant’s basement.

State84 Summoner Answered on July 31, 2017.
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Hi Raxion,

I think State has a good point.  You need to build up an overall larger diversity of mons.  Some of the summons you are working with are just not worth any effort at any stage of the game.  They are called storage mons and fodder or food.

Be patient and do your RESEARCH. Research all your current mons on this really good site and make notes. I keep a super nerdy book of notes.  It’s almost half a copy book thick.  This will help you only focus on mons that will help you.

I bet the next 750 crystal pak you get will give a new better mon than some of the run of the mill guys you are trying to use.

Good Luck.

Wallypuppy Summoner Answered on August 1, 2017.
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well, my summoning luck are kinda bad ( i’ve summoned hundreds, maybe thousands but even there’s no single nat 5* )
Mostly my core team ( ex : megan,bella, kona ) are on max skill lv.

I’ve nearly passed that stage by swapping my raoq with fire undine ( she act as tank, so i could replace other tanker with some nuker ). but the AI is kinda smart i though.
Since the guards and the boss couldn’t kill my undine ( a total of nearly 27k HP and around 400 DEF, plus that annoying share life skill), at some point they starting to attack my nuker, lefting only my undine ( she couldn’t do anything except unrecoverable debuff and tank )

raxion Horned Frog Answered on August 1, 2017.
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It may be safe to say that everyone who is playing SW has summoned a thousand mons.  State could probably back me on my next statement.  I may have summoned a hundred thousand or even several hundred thousand.  And I still don’t have much to brag about.  After a year and a half, there are only two nat 5 in my deck that I didn’t spend months of effort to fuse.

Fire undine stinks.  You should be working on Vero, and not the TOA.  But Colleen the fire harpu has heal block which would keep he from receiving all the heals.  She also has heals and attack break.  She is LEAGUES better than fire undine.  Easy to skill up, easy to rune, and easy to obtain.

Good luck Bro.  Sorry if I sound like your dad.  But I am just being honest.

Wallypuppy Summoner Answered on August 2, 2017.
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it’s ok dude. Any way the game itself is only about learning XD
Well, i maybe sound like a kid who wants a toy ( yups, that right. And the toy here is the mystical scroll >< )

raxion Horned Frog Answered on August 2, 2017.
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