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Hey everyone, I’m running into a problem and I was hoping someone could help me.

I’ve been following the Step-by-Step guide that’s posted on the main site and so far I’ve reached chapter 7, but as I mentioned, I’m running into a problem.

I’m now able to succesfully auto GB5, but sadly I’ve not yet been able to get a Belladeon or Darion, so I’m stuck at GB5 for now. So I’ve been constantly farming GB5, and I’ve collected alot of runes, but the problem I’m running into is…. which runes should I keep for progressing, and which ones should I sell?

Sadly the guide doesn’t really mention on what you should do with the runes of GB5, and I’ve tried looking for rune guides that could help me, but most guides are more aimed towards GB7 and GB10.

I’ve been selling any runes that are 3* or lower, and 4* that are either normal or rare. Because of that, I started gathering alot of runes, so yesterday I started selling most of them, but now I’m almost sure I sold runes which I shouldn’t have sold… so I was hoping if someone could help me with this problem on what rule I should follow for the runes of GB5

Yusunoha Slime Asked on February 10, 2018 in Giants/Dragons.
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Ok, so in my alt I am running into a similar problem. I can also run GB5 but not GB6. I don’t have bella or darion. I also have a lot of runes.

So, to start off, ditch all flat stat runes in slots 2/4/6. They really aren’t needed in any way.

Next, if you have a lot of runes, ditch either the 4 star and below ones or ditch the normal, magic, and rare grade. By this point you may not have many hero runes, so if that’s the case, keep your rare grade too.

And finally, ditch some runes that you have a lot of the same stat in (ex: 7 4* Accuracy% Runes)

Hope this helps!

Conradland12 Chloe Answered on February 10, 2018.

Thanks, it’s defintely helpful.

Because I was so confused about runes, I just started selling most of them yesterday, including quite a few hero, and almost all my legendary runes. Sure, they were 4 star, but I realized now that that was a really dumb move…

I just wished the Step by Step guide included this part for runes. I know the main website has a runes guide, but again, it’s mostly meant for those who can do GB7 or higher, and not for those still stuck at GB5

on February 10, 2018.

Just to add to Conrad’s points.
As your main goal is Giant Dungeons, I would focus on SPD/HP%/DEF%  runes for slots 2/4/6 accuracy substats are nice too. These are the runes to keep.
Likewise, your slots 1/3/5 are best with these same substats SPD/HP%/DEF%/ACC

Any flat stat runes in slots 2/4/6 should be sold (Apart from SPEED – speed is really important).
Next, if you still have far too many runes, next I would go into the manage rune setup for slot 1/3/5- sort by 2 of the flat stat options and sell those too.
Maybe Next would be a flat stat + resistance.

A big part of this game is grinding those dungeons and once you progress to the higher dungeons, you should get better runes anyway.
Just takes time to get there.

The big recommendation I have is pure focus on your core team for now.
If you have great monsters that are just amazing at niche parts of the game or PVP -forget them for now until you have a solid and effective dungeon team, focus purely on the core team.
This also means that you will need fewer good runes and can focus on improving just your best runes.
4 star runes with ATK/Crit rate/Resistance runes aren’t much help for Giant’s dungeon’s.
Later on those stats become more important and with it, would be better runes anyway.

Bella will come, just keep farming those light dungeons, keep updating your friends list and hopefully one of them will get him.
Maybe you will get lucky and someone that opens a Bella secret dungeon will be kind enough to add you.
If a Darion dungeon does become available, go for it but he isn’t as vital as Bella.
Also, by continually updating your friend’s list, they should have people that will make it easier to farm higher dungeon lvl’s anyway.

Good luck buddy.

on February 12, 2018.
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as an early game player, I would reccomend you to farm Mt. White Ragon instead of giants. All you need to do giants b7 is swift runes and GB5 will give you other runes. Get all your suppert monsters on swift from Mt. White Ragon spd/hp/hp, if you can do hell you can have some nice 5* runes from there and you will also be evolving your monsters to 5* to increase their base stats. I don’t think it’s woth farming GB5, honestly. Most of the runes will be 4* and 5* and you will get some runes you don’t even need, as I said you can do GB7 with 5* monsters and all swift spd/hp/hp, so why bother farming giants B5? Try farming Mt. White Ragon hell mode and get those 5* runes there, also for the slots 2/4/6 you can sell any flat runes, keep spd for slot 2, since there is no spd%, you can also sell accuracy and resist runes and 4* crit damage runes are a sell as well, keep crit rate runes for damage dealers since at your level will be a pain to get high crit rate to use crit damage runes, you can use crit rate runes and that will benefit you the most until you can farm giants b10. Hope I said something useful, good luck.

masciel Slime Answered on February 14, 2018.
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