speeding up my GB10

Right now I run belladeon, vero, Orochi, Lupinus, and Shannon.  My runs are about 3:45 with a high success rate.  What is the next step I should take to speed it up?

whiteshadow Slime Asked on February 3, 2018 in Giants/Dragons.
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Congrats on GB10.
AOE to speed up the trash waves is generally the go to option – especially as all your guys are good against the boss.
Fusing Sig would probably speed things up.
Big AOE to clear trash waves + his 44% health lead should help.
With the latest update, he should also do plenty of bass damage with 2 HP scaling attacks + a trash wave freeze.
Ideally, he would replace shannon but even if he replaced orochi or Lupinus, that would still speed up your run.

I like your currrent squad though. If orochi has plenty of crit + acc, he should do plenty of damage.
Likewise, if vero has enough spd + acc, his dots are also great.
Lupinus is great for Atk Bar reduction (allowing your team to survive)… but as you have a damaging dot setup, he slows the damage from dots down by reducing the Atk Bar.

Alternatively, shannon is the obvious drop – if your team can survive.
Possibly bring in a different support monster over shannon if survival is an issue.
Personally, I like playing around with friend monsters and for my first GB runs and to speed things up, i would have a team of 4 that could get the job done (or mostly) and add a friend’s monster to add support or speed things up.
Wind Chimera would go well with yours as you don’t have Atk Down from bernard. Wind Panda is normally a good choice too. He made be a multi-hitter but most builds are very solid and the extra heal are nice too.
I used to continually update my friend roster, dropping any that I didn’t use or need anymore. Just to see what worked best with my squad against the giant.
You get 50 friend uses a day – It takes time but if you set up your friend roster to be entirely used for scenario farming and for quicker GB10 dungeon runs – the extra time to pick a friend monster should be worth it.

State84 Summoner Answered on February 5, 2018.
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