Should I fuse sigmarus or focus on Taor (water chimera)?


I recently pulled a water chimera while farming mons to fuse sigmarus. I know both are great for GB10 and db10, but which one will lead to a higher success rate? Basically, is it still worth it to fuse sig or just use those mons as fodder to 6* Taor (which will happen eventually anyway because he’s a BEAST)

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Both are good calls and offer very similar usage but sorry to say that for a better success rate Sigmarus is better.
Mainly for his massive dungeon leader skill.
He is also more reliable vs trash waves (AOE Freeze + AOE ATK break), single target freeze + the high damage output.

Later on, when you have a reliable team and are looking to boost your speed both Sig & Taor will be brilliant.

Work on both.
By next rune removal (in a month), you can then move runes around and see which one fits better in your team.

State84 Summoner Answered on May 1, 2018.

That’s the perfect answer! I’ve gotten so many good monsters lately it’s hard to stay focused on one at a time, but if sig will help the most, that’s what I’ll go for. Still just running the basic GB10 team and I’m very impatient so hopefully I can get sig fused and leveled soon. Thank you very much!

on May 1, 2018.
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