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Hey, so I am relatively new to the game, and I was wondering if anybody could help me understand what my beginning goals are? I understand that I should clear all scenarios and farm for Belladon, but what monsters do I need to focus on getting at the very beginning, and what should my objective be? I already know how to rune monsters, I’ve read a lot about it. So, the only thing I’m wondering is what monsters team should I focus on getting, and what should my goal be after getting them? For instance, after I get them, should I get them all to 6*, or should I use the team of mons to go do something else?

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Hi, Yes – plenty to get you going.
Key monsters are Lapis, Bernard and if you’re luck bella. All three of these are very versatile and can be used in all aspects of early game (scenario, dungeon, PVP etc).
You’ll get bernard (wind griffon awakened from the challenges)
Bella can be farmed from secret dungeon (but dont panic if you cant get her yet, it may take time and patience… or luck) to get her.
These 3 are likely to be pretty key for a very long time.
Work towards Fusing Veromos, completely worth the time and effort (He is amazing and a complete pain to get) – again, it’ll come. You can farm secret dungeons to speed this up.
Vero and Bella are high priorities for 6*
Lapis and Bernard are 6* options.

At the moment these is an event (Top right of the screen), where if you complete the challenges you can get a fire vampire (He is the bee’s knees).
If you can, do everything possible to get him. He is excellent at what he does.
He is also a great 6* option (but probably not before bella and vero)

Likewise, keep summoning monsters. You may get lucky and get a handy 4 star and eventually a 5 natural 5 star.

Along with completing scenarios, there are some challenges with great rewards.
They add a nice little added bonus to help you track your progression.
Personally, I like the idea of summoning new monsters with mystical scrolls / crystals as early and as often as possible but don’t use arena glory points.

I believe the best way to progress with this game is to keep a tiny core team.
4 monsters or 5, that you put all your resources into.
If you try to diversify into a “this guys for this and that guy for that”, your team will be much weaker.

Build a good “friend/mentor base”, these are monsters that you can use every day. Even end game players still use friend monsters daily.
Really early game, I would use them to help you progress in scenario (especially bosses).
Once you have done that, I would use the friend/mentor monsters for either dungeons or to help you farm hell scenarios.
With Mentor monsters, you have 5 mentors that you can use daily. I would use all 5, then remove 1, add a new mentor and use a 6th monster daily.
This will also allow you to cycle some really great monsters and let you see what will help you most for what you are currently doing.

For me the early game progression is:
Getting crystals whenever possible for summoning.
Scenarios (complete them all) – some great rewards.
Challenges (Complete them when you can, some will be easier than others) – again, some really great rewards.
Farm scenario to level up your guys.
Progress and farm Giant basements – ultimately until you can do GB10.

Dabble in TOA but don’t put too much time or effort into it (It is very well done, you will be able to get to a certain point, and then you just wont be able to progress until you have better runes).

State84 Summoner Answered on May 10, 2018.

Thank you dude. Helped a lot. :))

on May 10, 2018.
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