Need advice ( stuck on giants 5

Hello all.  I need a bit of help and advice on how to proceed.   I just started the game a week ago or so.  With my current beasties I can auto complete giants 5 in :45 to 1:20 but when I go to giants six I can do it until I hit the boss then I have to manual it most of the times.  Here are my current collected beasties.  Currently I have the  revenge and vamp quest runes on Reno they are +12 and +9 mix.  Other guys have 4* sets but not too sure how to rune what honestly.  Would love some guidance with what to evolve / awaken ( from what I have ) and what to aim for rune wise, thanks in advance!

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Delphoi (L), shannon, bernard, Huan and Reno – lots of defensive buffs, that could work.
The main trick with Dungeons (especially Giants), is to survive.
Bella really has a great kit.

For Shannon & Bernard, try max their skills (Not with devilmons though).
Use friend/mentor monsters to farm scenarios for extra xp.
You had lots rainbow mons ready to level your guys up.
Just dont feed fire joker (you need him for the ifrit fusion).

Personally, I think I would 5 star bernard next (Or bella if you happen to get her now).
After bernard is 5star, I would then build up 5 stars to feed (so rainbow mon or guys i know i wouldnt use).
Also, Bernard doesnt need 6* / Shannon should never be 6*
Getting ready to 6* someone now will help.

State84 Summoner Answered on June 8, 2018.
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Thanks yet again for the reply. Yeah I’ve noticed things going a lot smoother in the setup above. The only bad thing is Reno becomes too unreliable with needing good rolls, his dmg is sub par with bad rolls. Making runs three minutes and over lol. Wondering if I should go the runes that give an extra turn or look to another aoe monster and build it up. As for Bella it’s just a hurry up and wait. Am working on so mats to evolve it as fast as I can. Think Bella heals combined with Huans heals ( his heals can fill about 70 to 90 percent of the others bar atm. ) would make for nice combo. Though I feel like I’m just outlasting and taking ages. So gonna need yo find a good balance with support and reliable dmg.

BreakerOfThings Slime Answered on June 8, 2018.
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Sorry. I’ve replied with my phone this time. Forgive the typos etc. I cannot help it I have sausage thumbs haha.

BreakerOfThings Slime Answered on June 8, 2018.
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minion89 Chloe Answered on September 12, 2019.
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nobita88 Golem Answered on December 23, 2019.
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