My 1st 6 star. level 32 now.

Monster so far=
5 star:

-kungfu girl[fire]
-namib[wind mummy]

The rest are foods and crap. No luck with summoning so far =p

i want a farmer for me to be able to farm hell mode solo. Which can i use 100% solo hell mode maps to farm?

weili Slime Asked on October 20, 2015 in Who to evolve next?.
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I suggest roaq as the first one but my first 5 star on my alternative account was dagora and he carried me through faimon and even chiruka and he only has 4/5 star runes and he is an absolute tank and of course to make it better the tanker he is the more damage he does. He can be really hard to defeat once you have his hp high and have the skills all levelled up as his crouch heals 50% then revive does 30% . He carried me through nearly every level and he is my best person on my alt and my alt has wind phantom thief, wind samurai, wind Kung fu, wind undine and wind neostone fighter.

Jamesy1203 Slime Answered on February 2, 2016.
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You already have 5* ramagos who is more than enough to level fodders in hydeni and tamor hell, i dont see why people are suggesting on wasting valuable 6* on raoq who probably cant even solo famion hell. Best thing you can do is wait till you pull a good nat 4* or 5*.

wsuh Golem Answered on February 2, 2016.

Stop giving new players wrong advices. It is much wiser to save rainbowmons instead of wasting them on a farmer. Use ramagos 5* to farm tamor 3 hell instead. Saving rainbowmons to make veromos first 6* allowed me to farm GB10 well before hitting level 40, which means it saved me months worth of progression in rune farming and cairos dungeon progression.

on October 21, 2016.
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I 6* Roaq first to farm tamor hell 3.  Worked out well for me.

Chained1 Slime Answered on July 23, 2016.
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Looking at your choices, I would suggest Lapis or Raoq.  Both are mediocre mons but both can farm Tamor 3/Faimon 1 hell depending on rune setups (probably need vampire/something setup).  Ramagos will be able to farm Hydeni 5 or Tamor 3 with a vampire (hp/hp/hp) setup but the rate will be very very slow (but consistent).  All the mons you have are going to be rune dependent as there is no “stand out” choice.  Pick the one you think will work the best for your set up.  Hope this helps.  Good luck!

RedRevSix Chloe Answered on October 21, 2016.

You dont need vampire on ramagos to do tamor 3 hell. All you just need is energy x3 hp around 17k.

on October 21, 2016.

17k is requirement for your clean shot on auto to hit 8.5k which will 1hit everything on tamor 3 hell.

on October 21, 2016.
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That’s not really a great list of options.. Raoq was my first 6* and I don’t really regret it since I used him so much into the mid-game. I still use him in guild wars sometimes but that’s about it. Lapis got a buff in January so is probably a better farmer at this point on Despair runes – but I rarely use him either. Rama and Dagora are great early game tanks but have no use beyond early game so don’t waste resources on them. I would honestly hold off 6*ing anyone until you get Belladeon..Or… Spend some time fusing Baretta and 6* him.

This game is not about getting to a goal quickly, it’s about managing your resources wisely.. Every crap monster you 6* is also a good monster you can’t 6* because you don’t have the resources for it. Same with Devilmon, don’t waste them because you don’t get many at all. Save the resources for something more worthy..

Leconian Slime Answered on April 20, 2017.
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Raoq was my first 6* and I don’t really regret it too much. But I use Lapis and Kaz more than Raoq now and either make better Faimon farmers IMO once they are skilled up a bit. Raoq is super easy to skill up but he wont be able to do Faimon Hell until you get some pretty OP runes for him where Kaz and Lapis can with lesser runes. I would probably do Lapis just because she has more playability with despair runes (which are easy enough to get) and she has a useful leadership skill. She can farm, she can help with SDs and she can serve in a CC (crowd control) capacity for ToA (with despair runes). Kaz can farm, works for DB10 teams and his attack bar reduction actually makes him generally useful (ToA, Raid1-2 and PvP). Kaz is your best water nuker option currently (at least until you get Theo), Lapis is your best CC and farming option and Roaq is just an easy all purpose damage dealer to set up and get working..

Rama & Dagora should not be 6*’ed. Rama is only useful in early PvP and is pretty easy to beat even if it is 40k HP. Copper can farm but he is really for PvP – he also has high rune and skill requirements and still needs supports to be OP.

Megan is awesome and a must have for DB10..
Bernard is a definite keeper and should be on GB10 and initial ToA team
Wind Undine is a great support and you should be building her – a must have raid mon
Copper – worth keeping around and eventually building, but not now
Fire Kung fu girl – sorry about this pull, your luck sucks
Infernos are fun and useful early but don’t 6* them
Water Werewolf [Vigor] is a good early mon to have – his heal really sucks though

Water Inugami – not sure why you still have this
Bearmen[earth] – there is no earth element so… unless he is light he sucks..
Elucia is food – seriously bad
Namib[wind mummy] – is food
Minotauros generally suck – fusion material or just food
Get Colleen, Konamiya & Shannon. All are common and all are way more useful than what you listed.

Leconian Slime Answered on July 5, 2017.
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Christopher Hardy Slime Answered on February 8, 2018.
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let’s review all the monsters you mentioned tryin to see the best about them

-Lapis: the best farmer for early game players, with the vampire set she can farm faimon with no problem and later you can still use her. Very helpful monster.
-dagora: food. He doesn’t do much, his damage is bad and he doesn’t have any debuffs that justify you giving him a spot in yout team
-raoq: good farmer, but that’s about it, you won’t be able to use him in giants or dragons, maybe necro, but by the time you get to necro you’ll have better options
-bernard: awesome monster, stack as many spd as you can and he qill be vary useful, but as a farmer he is nos good
-ramagos: good all around monster, useful for early game players and if you give him good enough runes he can farm Ferun Castle, he will do 2-3 minutes runs, but he is not bad
-inugami[water]: fusion food, if you are planning on using him you’re better off using Raoq
-kungfu girl[fire]: she is a nice farmer, but later on you will see that her sisters are better and you will feel that investing resources on her was a waste, you’re better off using Lapis instead of her
-copper: for Copper to be effective you will need runes that you don’t have yet, keep him and skill him up and sometime you will se that he is a beast
-undine[wind]: swift spd/hp/hp or def and she will be very useful, you can even use her in giants if you want
-bearmen[earth]: fusion food. His skills are awesome, but his cooldowns are too long, he will hold you down if you try to use him
-inferno[earth/fire]: the yellow one is fusion, but if you absolutelly need to build him, he’s a good damage dealer, but don’t, there are better options. Same for fire one.
-werewolf[water]: Very good monster, he will help you a lot if you decide to build him. swift spd/hp/hp is what you want with lots of spd and hp and some crit rate from subs if you cant
-elucia: food, don’t bother, you have the wind undine, she is better
-samurai[water]: very nice damage dealer, as a farmer I don’t see much space for him, but he would be good for your giants team, also fusion food
-namib[wind mummy]: food, don’t bother
-megan: awesome for dragons and arena, keep her, but work on Shannon (wind pixie). Shannon is better for your giants team since she has element advantage, higher base spd and her def buff is longer.
-minotauros[fire]: don’t bother, he is usable, but later, for now he won’t help you

Remember always that if you want to farm Faimon hell you must aim for 144 spd on your farmer to outspeed every monster on the faimon scenario

Hope I said anything useful, good luck

masciel Slime Answered on February 14, 2018.
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i think its more important to get a few good 5star mons, very important for giants for example are shannon, bella and darion. maybe konamiya or try to get veromos fusion. great 2 and 3 star mons you wil still use in endgame.

Rastigani Slime Answered on April 28, 2018.
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My Lapis with the crappy vamp runes they give from challenges  was able to farm famion hell solo
I later gave her despair and used her in toa and got 100 with her(and she can still solo famion hell with the despair runes)… So Lapis all the way imo

Tactik Slime Answered on May 6, 2018.
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