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What do we think of an Off GW team: Louis / Katarina / Ganymede?
Struggling to find a solid team for Gany after the debuff.
No leader skill in GW with this combo or Atk Buff.
Limited use on stippers or CC stun.
I have a quick /tanky violent Gany (Unskilled Katarina).

Or stick with Jeanne / Katarina + Random
That Gany debuff hurt

State84 Summoner Asked on February 7, 2018 in Guild Wars.
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Gany still good, but this Louis + Katarina team doesn’t work with Gany.

If you use this team with a Jamire he canreset both, but Gany reset only one of them. let’s say you reset Louis, he has invencibility up again, but Katarina doesn’t have SoD. If you reset Katarina she will have SoD, but no invencibility. use Gany with the same units you used him before the changes, he will work just fine

masciel Slime Answered on February 14, 2018.
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Thanks for the response Masciel.
My thought process was:
Gany goes 1st (He’s quick), 3rd skill.
Louis goes 2nd and gives himself + Kat invincibility for 2 turns.
Katarina uses SoD
Gany refreshes Katarina
Louis wastes a go
Katarina had invincibilty for 2 goes and so can use SoD again.
This only works becuase Louis has a 2 turn invincibility.

My previous Gany team was:
Eladriel (+50% HP for wind Monsters)

Before, Gany goes first as he is super quick.
Possibly violent procs and refreshes himself
Now Gany goes first and a violent proc is not very important.
Both Eladriel and Ramagos rarely need 3rd skills and so Gany’s refresh just isn’t as effective.

State84 Summoner Answered on February 14, 2018.
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