I need some good advice what to lvl. And who fit best for different teams.

I need some advice.

1. Who should i keep evolving and awaken, and how to prioritize?

2. Who is working best together in teams?

3. How and where to use the different teams best?

3. Who to make 6* when the time comes?

Tank you in advance for replies 🙂

Libby Trainer Asked on January 15, 2016 in Who to evolve next?.
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Hi Libby,
Welcome to the rift! Good starter group of monsters, it looks like you’re on your way to a solid Cairos squad. Here’s what I would focus on currently for your current monsters (not sure where you are trying yet).

Initial growth: 5* and awaken
Aegir, Sieq, Shannon, Bernard, Konamiya

Secondary focus on 5*: Megan, Lupinus, Colleen

Priority SD: Light inugami** (optional but good, light bearman & light vagabond)

#2 & 3: Teams should include at this stage of the game, a team buffer, def breaker(s), atk debuff/glancing hit, healer/cleanser, & boss buff removal/prevention.
Giants teams should limit the number of multi-striker monsters (like magic knights, taoist, etc.) and should try to include monster with Boss slows.
Dragon teams usually include cleansers or immunity buffs, while having a fast team being a priority in the beginning.

#4: 6* priority usually goes like this: Nat 5* >> Progression monsters (ones helping you progress in Cairos) >> Farming >> PvP & Niche monsters

Good luck on the rift!

ps. Good starting team with current monsters:
Aegir, Shannon, Bernard, Konamiya, Raoq/Sieq/Michelle

pps. Good team to aim for when trying to farm Giants B6-8:
Aegir, Belladeon, Shannon, Bernard, <Filler>

SW0831JM Summoner Answered on January 15, 2016.

Hi, and thank you for useful input!

Would you like to make a comment on my new monster storage, just got some new nat 5* from a lucky moment!


on January 16, 2016.
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Libby, holy moly,
That is a some great lightning. I’d say you’re safe to not need to summon until you finish 6* your new beast monk and chimera (Taor and Ritesh are superb monsters). If you wish to use Taor in dungeons, consider pairing him often with Megan, their kits work together really well for PvE/Dungeons. Ritesh is just a great tank and bruiser, his self-healing makes him strong in PvP and gives you sustainability in PvE.

Now that you have your new monsters, Taor should be your priority in my opinion. Lapis is not really needed anymore because Taor can do the farming better than Lapis. Ritesh is a bit easier to rune though, so you can farm a little earlier in hell (just not Faimon).

Congratulations on a monster summoning session.

Wishing you continued luck in the rift!

SW0831JM Summoner Answered on January 16, 2016.
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I felt a little lucky, so after i spent 750 crystals my storage looks like this:

Tarq (A)
Konamiya (A)
Barbaric King
Mystic Witch
High Elemental
Drunken Master

Raoq (A)
Sieq (A)
Colleen (A)
Hellhound x 3 (Food)
Magical Archer
Martial Artist

Ramagos (A)
Bernard (A)
Beast Monk
Shannon (A)
Epikion Priest
Magic Knight (Food? should i make her 5* and let her be in the makeing of Lapis 6*?)
Magical Archer
Charger Shark

The rest is food:)

Libby Trainer Answered on January 15, 2016.
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