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hey im lvl 45, and im having real difficult to clear gb7 my sucesses rate 50 50.
i have fused vera and i need help in how to proceed so ill be able to clear gb10 in the end.
my 5 star monster are :
Lapis Vampire/Revenge
Bernard Swift/Focus
Orochi Swift/Blade
Chasun Energy * 3
Belladeon Swift/Energy
Vera Swift/Energy
Wind epikon priest.
my 4 star monster are :
Konamiya, Colleen, Fire Hellhound, FIre Elven Ranger, Fire Harg Fire High Elemental, Fire Death Knight, Ramagos, Wind Neostone Agent, Light Elven Ranger.
my 3 star monster are:
Megan, Cooper, Darion, Water werewolf, Decamaron.
i also have in stoarge :
Dark amazon
Water Rakshasa
Water Assasin
Wind Harp Magician
Light Harpy
how should i proceed ? keep farming GB6 ? to lvl up monsters( i have double EXP for 2 more days) ? who should i 6 star and when?

MaflagA Slime Asked on February 6, 2018 in Giants/Dragons.
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3 Answer(s)  – my monsters – mor monster – chasun – bernard – oroochi – bella – Vero – Shanon

MaflagA Slime Answered on February 6, 2018.
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You want to work on getting your Vero 6* maxxed out on levels (40) and skills (I hope you kept your devilmons up until now so you can pump them into him).

Your standard team should be Vero(L)/Bella/Bernard/Shannon/+1, and your obvious choice of +1 would be Chasun, as she will get your runs to be way more stable. You may want to get a hold of a Darion if Chasun fails to keep everyone alive because they die before she even heals.

Vero is the only monster you need to 6* for that purpose, mainly because he will stay in every team of yours for a long time.

After that, it’s a matter of maxxing out on levels, skills (keep devilmons for potential nat5 or Vero, maybe Chasun if you really want to), and getting some okay runes from earlier giant floors.

Your core team should have sufficient SPD, HP and DEF, the other stats can wait. Your current stats will barely be sufficient for GB7, so I suggest getting back to GB6 to at least get good slot 2, 4, and 6 runes (most of which you want to be SPD HP% HP%, with SPD, HP% and DEF% as substats).

aidime Slime Answered on February 6, 2018.

Thanks! what rune should i put on shannon ? swift/energy?

on February 6, 2018.
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Vero 6* mainly, a tank team for start with bella darion shannon bernard. Dont spent crystals on exp double. Waste of crystals. Spent in more runs to take more runes and summons if you have more than necessary.

Make a tank team. U gonna kill all with dots nothing else at start. Try to take better mobs in summons. Ask friends’s rep to farm higher levels and get better runes faster

Faker Slime Answered on February 6, 2018.


on February 7, 2018.
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