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I recently got Akhamamir.
my current gb10 team: Vero – Bernard – Shannon – Bellan – Lunshen
Should i change Lunshen for Akha?

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If your team is surviving comfortably and you are only looking for an option to speed up your GB team, I would stick with Lushen (Far quicker at the earlier waves).

If you are sometimes failing, or getting to the boss and crawling through with only 1 or 2 monsters alive, then Akhamamir should provide a safer and more stable option and he will also provide plenty of damage to the boss.

State84 Summoner Answered 4 days ago.
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it is going to take some time to skill up Akha and get some good runes built for him.  I agree that if your success rate is very high then I would just keep working on that team you have, while you work on Akkie.

Good Luck, Brother!

Wallypuppy Summoner Answered 2 days ago.
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