Clearing ToAN, weaving Verad in

Hey, i got a few questions about how I should go about clearing TOAN with the mons I have.

I have the possibility of running the “standard” Baretta(L)/Vero/Bella/Spectra/Mav, but I pulled and 6* maxed Verad a while ago, and he seems like a pretty decent (kind of an understatement) monster for ToA.

My runes are not excellent, and I should probably farm some more GB10 before tackling this issue, but asking never hurts,

I was wondering where/when I should weave him in the team ? Or should I just meet the rune requirements for the standard team and go with it ?

Also, should I aim to 6* every mon on the team before runnning it or is 5* enough for ToAN ? (I have already Vero Bella and Verad 6* max)

aidime Slime Asked on February 6, 2018 in ToA.
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Farm more. You cant do toan with out at least useful runes. Verad is great on toa. Try  toan with out spectra and verad in place of

Faker Slime Answered on February 6, 2018.
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Wow, Verad is the TOA king.
TOA is generally all about runes, so plenty of farming is important.
Bearing in mind the enemies hit hard and have plenty of health, the standard way of beating most levels is a mix of CC (Verad is perfect) and adding dots (Barretta).

Based on your options, I would have my core as Verad, Vero, Baretta, Mav, (Spectra or Bella)
This will only work with a Verad that is quick and accurate enough to land his freeze and before the enemy moves.
You then have barretta as your dot machine.
Vero is your back up dot + cc player.
Mav speeds up everyone’s cooldowns.

Leaving your last place as either spectra (ATB reduction + slow is great) or bella’s heal/strip/def break.

All 5 (or 6) need good runes.
All need to be quick enough to get 1st turn.
All need to be tanky enough to survive.
Barretta / Verad / Vero / Spectra all need to be accurate enough to land.

Mav is so much better if you can stick violent runes on him.
HP/Def are important but accuracy is nice too (A boss provoke can be a real saver) – especially with barretta & Verad offering ATK reduction moves.
But better runes (Swift or Energy or Guard Etc) are far more effective then the right set (Violent/Focus – Violent/energy etc)

This game is all about grinding.
You have a great monster selection but grinding dungeons for more (better runes are important).
Keep farming GB10 and improving your guys.

GB10 is still number 1 priority though
Do not sacrifice a good / working GB10 team to give your TOA team an advantage.
Keep improving your GB10 team first and that alone will net you more and therefore better runes for everyone else.

State84 Summoner Answered on February 8, 2018.
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I have Verad in my main game, and he is one of the kings of ToA. He can really affect the gameplay there but putting good runes on him is essential. For ToA, get some despair, or violent.

Though Verad could replace your spectra, keep her around for some situations where you may need her.

By all means though, keep going for GB10, and farm all you can.

Hope this helped achieve your goal

Conradland12 Chloe Answered on February 10, 2018.
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