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I need a good team to begin working towards Giants B10. I currently have Poseidon, Megan,  Rina, Wayne, Tetra, Racuni, Rakan, Platy, Lupinus, Fuco, Natalie, Loren, Ludo, Orion, Ramagos, and Calicus as six and five stars. any rune suggestions and team setups for dungeons would be greatly appreciated.

OG_Sugardaddy Slime Asked on February 5, 2018 in Giants/Dragons.

Its nice that you have some cool monster, the thing you seem to be missing is the reason why the core setup for a starter Giants B10 team is Veromos/Shannon/Bella/Bernard and +1 normal Darion.

Each brings something critical too you success.

Its nice to have strong nat 4/5 but unless they can fill the role required you won’t be able to bring them into gb10 until you have good enough rune quality. Which you won’t get until you actually farm gb10.

[Veromos] is required as a reliable cleanser and continuous damage applier. Make no mistake he is pretty core to your team. He removes the defense de-buff and continuous damage is your main way of killing the boss. [IN ORDER OF IMPORTANCE] Clense – Continuous Damage – AoE stun

[Shannon] is great, not only does she have a very good support kit. 3 turn atk and defense buff. Aoe Slow and a glancing S1. She also received a small buff to make her more tanky.  [IN ORDER OF IMPORTANCE] Defense Buff – Slow – Glancing – Attack buff

[Bernard] provides you with a speed buff and attack bar boost, he also CRUCIALLY attack breaks the boss. Do not underestimate how critical this is, If my GB10 team dies its 100% because Bernard’s attack break got resisted. He also defense breaks the boss.  [IN ORDER OF IMPORTANCE] Attack break – Speed buff – Attack bar boost – defense break.

[Belladeon] Bella is amazing – easy to skill up, Strong healing with attack bar boost built in, 100% defense break and a buff strip. Bella allows you to remove the attack buff on the boss and makes trash waves faster and in turn safer.  [IN ORDER OF IMPORTANCE] Strong AOE Heal – Buff Strip – Attack bar boost – Defense Break.

Your last slot is versatile and most people run Darion as he allows you to more reliably attack and defense break the boss as well as giving you more Survivability with his Passive.

Another reason why these 4/5 monsters are considered CORE is because they are very easy to skill up (except for Veromos) but thats why you save Devilmons for him.

I will now review the monsters you’ve stated and tell you whether they could be included or swapped into your giants team.

[Posideon] – 1 turn silence, on a 5 turn cooldown. Not sure how viable this would be. Maelstorm is an amazing skill and is great for 2 things, Resets the bosses attack bar giving you more time to recover between AoE attacks + 2 turn attack speed slow. Could be a good +1 but only when you don’t need darion for the passive.

[Megan] – Unless you have good runes and fully skilled up megan (who’s also really really fast) I think Shannon is better. 3 turn buff > 2 turn buff.  🙂

[Rina] – Doesn’t work for GB10 don’t bother.

[Wayne] – Your not at a stage where you need to speed up your runs so if you include him he will just die.

[Tetra] – She has nice skill set but only single target cleanse so not reliable enough. only 50% chance to strip a debuff as well. Not good enough for GiantsB10

[Racuni] – He’s a great monster, but not for elemental disadvantage gb10. You could maybe use him in GB8 if your trying to get slightly better runes than GB7

[Rakan] – Great monster but fire and water do not go, He also doesn’t bring any Buff/De-Buffs you need to survive.

[Platy] – Elemental disadvantage and her best skill doesn’t affect the boss.

[Lupinus] – Great monster for speeding up your GB10 but not to start with, Once you have good enough runes swap in for Darion. Attack bar reduction, Attack speed slow, (not sure if silence works on boss) + 3rd skill has MAX HP scaling.

[Fuco]- Can be used to speed up your runs. Also have Attack speed slow and Defense Break (has freezing effect on S2?) Self-Shield. Does nothing to increase your teams survivability so like Lupinus, you can use him later.

Bit tired now, but the rest don’t help. that 6* Calcius makes me cry because he’s really not that great 🙁 especially with sub-par runes

on February 15, 2018.
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You have a lot of monsters and assuming you haven’t been able to clear GB10 yet, you’re probably too focused on monsters and not enough on runes.  Runes are more important than monsters.  Also, it sounds repetitive but he Bernard, Shannon, and Bella comp is really all you need.  I’ve only played for a month and don’t have near the monster quality you have but was able to clear GB10 with those three and without Sig or Vero.

VSK Slime Answered on February 5, 2018.

I have been having issues nabbing a bella or darion and didnt enjoy using bernard or shannon

on February 5, 2018.
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So ,those core mons that everyone talks about make auto-running the GB10 possible with a high success rate.  This way you can increase your intake of runes.  And selling the junky ones, since most of them are crap.  The core team is easy to skill up for the most part and have skills that all work together to provide good sustain to keep your team alive.  Plus, Bella and Bern are useful in the guild wars and arena.

Good Luck Brother,

Wallypuppy Summoner Answered on February 6, 2018.
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