Any suggestion what to build?

So currently, i got several mons at 6* and bunch at 5*, and dont know which one to build.
As here are my mons :
– Wind Panda ( Feng Yan)
– Fire Samurai ( Jun )
– Wind Lich (Fuco)
– Water Mystic Witch (Megan)
– Water Horus (Qebehsenuef)
– Water Taoist (Gildong)
– Light Inu (Bella)
– Water Pierret (Julie)
– Fire Skydancer (Hwahee)
– Fire Joker (Jojo)
– Wind Ninja(Orochi)
– Wind PhantomThief (Julien)
– Light Vagabond (Darion)
– Wind Dice Magician

As i currently already can do an auto GB10 with :
– Bella (18k HP, 650+ def)
– Darion (21k HP, 500 def)
– Feng yan (14k HP, 2,6k deff)
– Megan (13k, 600 deff)
– Fuco (12k, 800 deff)
Feng Yan works as tank and damage dealer bc he got a basic 3 hit attack, and i got him decent stats (14kHP, approx. 2,6k deff)

so i dunno what to do except gathering some good runes from there. And yes, i did skip the veromos fusion, to work on katarina currently (still looking for the werewolf)

Any advice about mons/what to do next?

raxion Horned Frog Asked on March 16, 2019 in Team Composition.
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I would say to work on a faster gb10 team, such as moving fuco and feng out slowly and replace them with Lushen, with the free nat 4 event out.

GB10-> Gb10 semi spd team-> toan100 -> gb10 spd team.
Don’t touch any other monsters, start focusing on these two core things, toan and gb10 spd team.
Toan, you need at least 5* Baretta, verde, spectra bella, and the last slot can be fit with another aoe cc unit. Must have at least +70 spd and 55% acc. except Verde.

Gb10 damage dealers (dd) must have at least +150% att, +30-40 spd, 70% crit rate, 150% crit dmg. Monsters that would work well here is: Lushen, Yaku (water imp champ), Arang for the debuffs, water or Wind ifrits, Dark assassin if you were able to do hoh, and last but not least Argen (Wind vamp). These are all or recently farmable or fusion.

Tips in Gb10, you don’t want multi-hitters because that causes the Giant boss to counter attack more often. When choosing runes always make sure they have two core stats for the monster you have in mind.
DD should prioritize att> crit rate >spd> crit dmg
tanks/support/cc units= SPD> hp> def> all other stats.
Sell all runes that don’t match well together, example: acc resist and cd purple rune as the substats is useless.
It’s just a grind.

strikestrife Slime Answered on March 18, 2019.
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