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  • Summoner Asked on March 30, 2016 in Monster Discussion.

    Yes, it is many. You can google it if you’d like, there are many people who have created spreadsheets and such for such a thing. However the amount of farming required changes depending on how you approach the matter. My preferred method is getting the rainbowmon from guild points and cairos farming. When I have a collected a good amount, I will work on 6 starring another monster.

    Reddit Summoners War – Brief description of “options”

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  • Summoner Asked on March 30, 2016 in Team Composition.

    Hi cloudgoh,
    Sounds like you’ve done some good work hunting down monsters, grats on some nice summons too. Taor is a really nice monster. Some quick advice concerning your current monsters:

    Sideline/Store these monsters, they’re not the best for progression at this early stage of the game:
    Kro, Rebecca, Spectra, Mav, Rina, Michelle, Wayne, Randy, Sharron, Copper

    Missing monsters:
    Bernard (Wind Griffon)

    Rune suggestions:
    Konamiya – Swift + (Energy,Guard,etc.)
    Bernard – Swift + (Energy,Guard,Focus,etc.) – Fastest monster you should own at this point. Push to 180 speed then work on getting up to low 200’s for speed.
    Aqcus – Swift/Fatal/multiple Blade – His kit is mainly focused around getting that crit. You want hit at 70% CR so that his self CR buff will allow him to always Crit when using his auto.
    **Save despair sets for those (mainly) support types that have AoE capabilities.

    Team suggestion:
    current monsters:
    Taor (L), Acqus, Belladeon, Konamiya, Megan/Shannon
    Baretta(L), Taor, Belladeon, Shannon, Mav/Wayne

    Get Bernard:
    Baretta(L), Taor, Shannon, Bernard, Belladeon (Should be good to B8)

    At this point, you should be working on improving your team’s baseline HP to 12.5k HP and pushing to 15k HP. You want to improve their survival by finding HP and Def stats and substats where possible. Shannon is really strong for Giants, but due to her low HP base stat, you will need to find strong runes to help her survive. Put her in as despair.

    Fusion goals:
    Find and gather fusion materials for Veromos. There’s alot of monsters and essences you’ll need, but you’ve already gotten Mikene (Water Undine) so you’re part of the way there.

    Hope this helps!

    Good luck on the rift!

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  • Summoner Asked on March 30, 2016 in Team Composition.

    Hi fnixou,
    Progression to me means you want to farm Giants B10 and get to Dragons B10 as smoothly and quickly as possible. Know this one shortcut to this game, paying money for addition gems and scrolls can get you more powerful monsters more quickly and also buy you those XP boosts and energy refills more easily… that’s probably the biggest shortcut timewise. However if you’re a Free-to-play summoner like myself and others… feel free to do the following.

    At level 20 you are in the very early stages of the game, it is expected to not get any of the super awesome summons yet, but Com2US actually gives all players the ability to reach Giants B5-7 with relative ease.

    Best Monsters: current

    (for later purposes): Copper, Purian

    Missing monsters: *Higher priority, **Very Impt all around monster
    *Shannon (wind pixie)
    *Inugami – **Belladeon (light), Ramahan (wind)
    Rakaja (wind yeti)
    Lulu (water howl)

    Less necessary, but look for if want to complete some of the teams I talk about below:

    Fusion monsters to watch for at this stage:
    Veromos Fusion (it’s a big one, and probably most impactful to starting players)
    Baretta Fusion
    (especially save that fire BeastH, and if find a Wind Lizardman, store them until ready)

    Cookie Cutter Team that can farm your way up to Giants B10:
    Light Trio: Ahman, Darion, Belladeon + Shannon, Bernard
    Other strong viable teams:
    Ramahan (L), Shannon, Bernard, Rakaja, + damage/heals depending on what you need

    *Look at prioritize adding Shannon and Belladeon to your team. They are both very strong monsters.

    Current Team for giants and/or clearing hell scenarios for 4 star (or if fighting boss, lucky 5 star) runes.
    Bernard, Raoq, Colleen, + Heals/Cleanse/Damage depending on what you need. Lapis fits here, Lucien works okay for now.

    Hope this helps!

    Good luck on the rift!

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  • Summoner Asked on March 30, 2016 in Miscellaneous.

    Hi KingNis085,
    The easiest place to get summoning stones is ToA actually… they do randomly drop in Cairos dungeons, so if you can not progress more in ToA, consider farming for runes or whatever you need in Cairos.

    Good luck on the rift!

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  • Summoner Asked on March 30, 2016 in Team Composition.

    Hi Lumpia4 (delicious sounding name!),
    First thing about Arena is: (imo)

    1. Farm Arena for Glory Points, you want to maximize farming ability first then worry about speed, damage, hp, etc. after.
    2. Don’t worry about winning defense until you are into midgame at least, you need those strong 5 and 6 star runes from drag, and giants (necro if you are really on your way)
    3. Arena Defense is usually a stall tactic to allow both healing and rezzing to over take your enemy along with tower damage. The basic arena defense early on is to put hard to kill healers that will disable the attackers.
    4. All Arena Defenses can be broken given the right tactic.

    -Best arena defenses I see out there for you:
    1. Chasun, Chloe, Vanessa, Belladeon (Sustain strong, cleanse light, Bella def break will direct team to hit certain monster)
    2. Chasun, Chloe, Rina, Ahman (Passive Sustain, weak against oblivion, lacking a cleanse)

    These all depend on the nature of your runes too. I recommend pushing arena rank once you have your progression teams going and 5-6+ six star monsters to allow you to tackle different defenses.

    Hope this helps!

    Good luck on the rift!

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  • Summoner Asked on March 30, 2016 in Monster Discussion.

    Any advice about that could result in the ban in game.
    Feel free to explore the options yourself for an “emulator” for realize this is against the Com2US ToS. If you get banned, they are completely in their ToS to do so.

    Good luck on the rift!

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  • Summoner Asked on March 18, 2016 in Giants/Dragons.

    Hi Akitar,
    The 15k HP is a generic goal. Essentially if you have runes with good defense % subs too, you can make shannon tanky enough to survive. The trick is finding that tankiness point. 15k HP is a good average for players to aim for while upgrading rune slots 3 and 5 to help monsters survive even better.
    If a monster isn’t surviving, this is when you can customize according to what you have in stock… look to improve its HP and Def stats.

    Good luck!

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  • Summoner Asked on March 16, 2016 in Team Composition.

    Hi kamaretsu,
    Grats on some nice summons!

    Ganymede (Wind Fairy K) is a really strong monster, but hard to fully utilize this early in the game. I still think he’s worth growing in your current team. Out of your monsters, Roaq, Aqcus, or Lapis are your best shots at using for a farming monster. Don’t worry about farming faimon hell yet, that happens after you start farming 5 star runes consistently.

    Your Cairos farming (specially Giants for now) is where you need to focus for now. Strong monsters to help you do that include:


    I would say at this point it is best to store: Surtr, Draco, Michelle, Tanya, Mav, Jumaline is just a nice monster that self-sustains as long as she has enough stats not to get one shot, I like her as well.

    However, at this point you need some heals and perhaps some more enemy buff removal for your team makeup:
    Consider these monsters: Wind Yeti (Rakaja), Light Inugami (Belladeon, Sunday SD), Wind Inugami (Ramahan farmable from scenarios, strong, but slightly less strong than Belladeon)

    A good team to start farming GB5 (Giants B5) and pushing through to GB: Core team = Bernard, Shannon

    Woochi, Konamiya, Shannon, Bernard, Racuni/Rakaja/Ganymede – Should be able to farm into GB5 where you can get your monsters equipped with some decent 5 star runes, minimum decent 4 star runes.

    Hopefully through a couple weeks you can pick up Belladeon and/or Rakaja, of if you feel comfortable with farming for Ramahan that works too. Start trying to push your monster HP minimums above 10k, then 12.5k HP. This should allow you to start getting more into farming GB6 and 7, possibly 8. You want defense stats to make your team tankier and so slots 3 and 5 become important in addition to the 2,4,6 where you try to enhance your monster.

    By the time you start comfortable farming GB6/7/8, you want to look toward fusing Veromos. There are many monsters and essences you will need to start collecting and so make sure you toss them into storage until you are ready to start the process.

    Good luck on the rift!

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  • Summoner Asked on March 16, 2016 in Who to evolve next?.

    Hi karlitoln95,
    Feel fortunate for a nat 5, that is a great one too! Grats on summoning some monster nat 4’s as well. It is helpful to screenshot your monsters in grid form or place them in some monster organizing website when asking these types of questions. It seems like even though you are level 40, you are still working on farming decently into Cairos.

    Runes are much more important than 6 star when your main progression monsters are 5 stars. However I will say both 6 starring and runes will help your monsters survive. Best monsters to help you push to Giants B10 that I see: GB9 can be tricky, some say just use gems to finish it once so you can farm GB10.

    GB8 is a wind element as you know, so fire/wind (and L&D) are decent choices. Usually around this point I suggest players should make sure they know what materials they are lacking for the Veromos fusion and start working toward it. Both essences and the fusion monsters take time to collect. However, he isn’t necessary, but with your current team, I would guess that either debuffs are slowing your team down too much and/or some of your monsters are too squishy to survive the retaliation and/or the AoE strike from the boss.

    6 star the monster that is dying too much at this point, or 6 star your monster that you enjoy using in multiple places including Progression farming. I will also add that you should aim to bring your team up to 15k HP minimum and also work on improving their defense stats to make them tankier.

    Hope this helps!

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  • Summoner Asked on March 16, 2016 in Giants/Dragons.

    Hi Akitar,
    Wow! and grats on some awesome lightning. Whew I hope to get some of those monsters one day.

    So here it goes:
    Verde is a great monster for both speed buffing as a leader and as a support, but you need to decide whether you are going to rune him for speed/crit support or critdamage.  I prefer the speed/crit support to help your team go faster and faster.

    Right about now is where I recommend players to start fusing and collecting materials toward the Veromos fusion (you can fuse Baretta later since your summons have given you such nice monsters to select from already). If you can beat GB7 with fair reliability, farm it until you get your core progression team all 5 star and 6 star runes. Make sure you get sub stats that support what you want to do with these monsters.

    Some goals at this point (pre-buffs) – Aim for 15k HP minimum; if using Bernard, push his speed to 180+ (low 200’s is ideal). Giants is the best place to farm first because it carries Swift, Blade, and Despair, which you will need into late game. All the other sets are good for early-mid game, but fall off late game. If you are going to use Verde (hard to use in GB10), make sure you get his crit to 100%, you want his speed above the rest of your team, ideally like Bernard, but 160+ is a good minimum to start from when figuring out his runes.

    Like you said, I have no idea what the runes and stats of your monsters is currently, but this is the best I can see from your current state and collection.

    Possible teams to help progression:
    Verde (L) – Belladeon, Verad, Shannon, Darion/Ahman/Anavel (Can swap leads with Verad, Anavel is a strong monster, but her 3rd skill tends to put the team in danger when used against the boss)
    Verad (L) – Belladeon, Ahman, Shannon, Bernard/Verde

    Veromos (L) – Verde (100% CR)/Bernard, Shannon, Belladeon, Verad

    Essentially if you build toward GB10, you are well prepared for Dragons B8.

    Hope this helps!

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