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  • Summoner Asked on December 14, 2018 in Giants/Dragons.

    hey buddy,
    Woosa is an Epic GB10 monster, He is easily the best beginner Nat 5.
    Woosa, darion, bella is a pretty solid base.
    If his woosa is a quick hp tank, he can easily replace vero and konamiya is not required.
    Martina will be a good GB10 & DB10 option… especially when paired with a chakram dancer (light one is available this weekend if he doesn’t have any others).

    But Martina’s team may have higher rune requirements.

    Woosa, Darious, bella, bernard and martina would work well (Bernard’s or other’s attack reduction on the boss is really helpful).

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  • Summoner Asked on December 7, 2018 in Giants/Dragons.

    Generally once you can do GB10, your really want to farm it to death.
    Once you think you have farmed it enough, you should farm it more.
    As TruthSlayer suggests, it is worth progressing in TOA as a side to farming GB10.
    Personally, I do not think there is any point to farming Dragons 7, 8 or 9. I wouldn’t even farm Dragons 10 if it takes too long or you have a low success rate.

    Generally, a minimum of constant mind numbing repetitive GB10 farming before you really get going in dragons.
    Giant runes are normally more important for most PVE content IMO (there are some support monsters where violent is necessary like MAV in TOA), but almost everything works better with better rune quality over the recommended sets.

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  • Summoner Asked on November 14, 2018 in Who to evolve next?.

    Agree with Syd, I would go with Imesety too but none of these lot are really great at speeding up a GB10 team or a TOAN team.
    Chilling would probably be the next most useful 6 star out of the the above.

    If you have a running / successful GB10 Imesety’s crit & def buff may help… but he’s not a normal speeding up option.
    Of all the above options, Imesety and his attack bar buff would probably be the best TOAN option too.

    Xiao Lin, Chilling, Orion and Imesety  are all good 6 star options though.
    You will be leveling them up to 6* at some point and you wont regret them.

    Xiao Lin is one of the highest rated raid monsters (Excellent for later on but limited use outside of raids)
    Chilling is a great PVP monster, he is also a very viable DB10 and NB1- option. Unlikely to help in GB10 or TOAN though.
    Orion really is only good for PVP content and especially GW/Arena defense.
    Imesety is very solid in PVP content (Paired with Copper and Bulldozer/Delphoi).

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  • Summoner Asked on November 9, 2018 in ToA.

    That sucks.
    I would try deleting the entire game from your device, downloading it again while crossing your fingers and gripping your lucky rabbit’s foot and hoping that sorts the problem out.
    If that doesn’t work, I would suggest getting a new lucky rabbit’s foot.

    Good luck buddy and hope it sorts itself out

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  • Summoner Asked on November 9, 2018 in Monster Discussion.

    As Sepulclaw says, to level up Lapis, you would need to feed her any other magic knight (they do not need to be awakened).
    If you’re still not sure you can always check with a few 2*’s first (I.e. feed a few garuda’s to the water/light garuda) or some pixies to the wind pixie.

    The other option is in the arena, earn 180 arena points. You can then buy 1 Devilmon every week from the arena shop.
    Devilmons are always in high demand – make sure you buy 1 every week!
    Most people would recommend only using them on Nat 5*’s only or Nat 4’s that you are in a hurry to skill up.
    Strongly recommend not feeding any devilmons to a unit that is naturally a 3*

    Lapis is really good and building her is a good call (long term and short term)

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  • My recommendation would be to aim and focus solely on Giants Dungeons.
    I would focus everything into a small core team for Giants.

    Personally, I would focus on:
    Veromos (Dark Ifrit – He’s amazing), he should be speedy and tanky
    Charlotte (Wind Occult Girl), also very strong
    Belladeon (Excellent option), tanky and quick
    Bernard (wind griffon), speedy, tank and with good accuracy

    Possibly Megan (Water witch) or Shannon (Wind Pixe but you’d need to build her), as the defense buffs are very powerful
    dont forget to feed griffons to bernard, inugami’s to bella to boost up their skills (this makes a massive massive difference).
    You have lots of really, really good monsters but try to focus on as few as possible.

    By focusing on a small team  and focusing on Giants, you will dramatically speed up your progress.
    You can then also use your core dungeon farming team to farm everything else (TOA/PVP etc).

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  • Summoner Asked on October 24, 2018 in Miscellaneous.

    That is a very cool idea!
    Someone to help on free rune removal day too!

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  • Summoner Asked on October 24, 2018 in Monster Discussion.

    Hi Tikonar,

    I would feed multiples of all 4* monsters to their brothers and sisters (apart from lushen).
    So, I would feed my 2nd and 3rd julie to your preferred pierret (Probably Julie but maybe Sophia).
    The boosts to skills are definitely worth it and it is rare/non-existent to use multiples of the same monster (of the same element).

    Good luck!

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  • Summoner Asked on October 12, 2018 in Arena.

    It took me a very long time to get round to doing Lushen – he made a big difference.
    Likewise Galleon before i started using Lushen.

    But you have so many options that you cant really go too wrong (and also, the speed tuning of your options isn’t as vital).
    I would include galleon (The AOE attack up/defense down should really help your team comps)

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  • Summoner Asked on October 12, 2018 in Arena.

    Honestly, I don’t think it matters that much.
    Once you have Woosa at max level, the defense is really just to make people avoid attacking you.

    For defense options, sph/hp/hp sounds good.
    I wouldn’t use great violent runes on her. I think a solid mix of HP and shield would be best (maybe will runes too).
    Whatever it takes to allow you to absorb that 1st attack.

    Out of curiosity, do you have a standard arena offense team?

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