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Hi there, Learning more and wanting to help. See you on the rift!
  • Summoner Asked on May 16, 2016 in Team Composition.

    Hi Deniz,
    You may hate me for this for a while, but I hope you decide to follow through with this and break through this wall (and the next):

    Focus! My friend you need to focus. You fell into the trap many players do, you keep on summoning and jumping into other dungeons too early that is slowing your progress because you probably haven’t fully committed to making your current monsters max skilled and getting them 5 and 6 star runes.  You have a handful of great summons already.

    First: Stop farming Dragons and Necro. If you cannot farm B7/B8 or greater, you are likely wasting time and energy.
    Second: Pick a team (do a little research) for Giants B10. Work on those monsters and keep improving their runes until you can complete it consistently. Focus on wind, (can get help from water, dark and light)
    Third: Build a Shannon (Wind Pixie) or a Megan (Water Witch). Both have good potential support for your team. But build either and max skill them.
    Last (for now): You are on the cusp of hitting B7 in giants which encourages cleanse. Start collecting materials and monsters needed for the Veromos Fusion. This one is semi-optional, but super helpful. You have strong monsters that can compensate without him for now.

    Possible wind team:
    Delphoi (L), Bernard, Shannon, Acasis, (Ramahan, Rakaja, Bella)

    General Giants Farming through B8:
    (Current) – Baretta, Delphoi, Bernard, Shannon, Acasis (Sub in Bella for Delphoi or Acasis as needed)
    with fusion – Veromos, Bernard, Shannon, Acasis, Delphoi/Bella/(experiment here)

    Good luck on the rift!

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  • Hi DMslider,
    Grats on a beautiful light collection!

    I strongly recommend most players to start with farming Giants B10 then focusing on Dragons so I’ll attempt a Giants suggestion first.
    If not farming B10 yet, focus on elemental advantage/neutral, survival, then speeding up the runs. I have no idea what you mean by “pretty good” runes, but if you can meet the following “guidelines” you’ll likely be fine.
    Aim for pre-leader-buff HP 15k+, attempt to pump defense up further to enhance survival.
    Try to keep the team limited to single hit strikers (or non-hit) to slow boss revenge hit.
    Maintain good debuffs on boss: (top priority) atk break, glancing; (high priority) slow, def break; (bonus) DoTs,
    Attempt to keep up team buff: Def Buff, Spd Buff

    I don’t remember the accuracy “effective limit” for giants, but I believe your main debuffers need something like 45% accuracy to clear B10 consistently.

    Team #1 (safe): Vero, Bella, Bernard, Megan, Emma
    Team #2: Vero, Bella, Bernard, Shailoq, Shimitae

    Feel free to experiment as you meet the basic “guidelines” above.

    Good luck on the rift!

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  • Summoner Asked on May 16, 2016 in Ratings.

    Hi DMslider,
    Could be a case for buffing him, but having 2 out of 5 vampires(/4 star monster type) strong is along the lines of Com2US M.O., so I wouldn’t hold your breath. But in case they do, I would keep him storage. The main element that he lacks comparatively is utility.

    Good luck on the rift!

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  • Summoner Asked on May 16, 2016 in ToA.

    Hey luerus,
    In my earlier clears, Woonsa just needed to be cc’d through taunting, but sometimes through attack bar manipulation. The problem sometimes happens with resists. I used Talc/Mav early on to do this. Basalt is also another good choice, I’ve been told Ahman works too.
    Looking at your immediate 6 star kit, have you tried:
    Baretta, Vero, Basalt, Bernard, Bastet (backup taunt)/Ahman/Sigmarus

    (Lead between speed and hp)

    Hope it works out, sometimes you just need a little luck with the RNG taunt debuff landing too.

    Good luck on the rift!

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  • Summoner Asked on April 22, 2016 in Monster Discussion.

    Hi there konamiya0102,
    OP name by the way 🙂 Kona is a beast of a monster. Here are the notables that I see in your list:
    Wind: BK, Griffon
    Fire: Raoq, (should have Sieq in there too)
    Water: JackoL, MagKnight
    Dark: Assassin

    Isabelle is a nuking beast. I would consider her for devilmon first out of your current selection. Skillups should be given to these monsters for progression into Giants B10:
    Bernard / Wind Griffon
    Shannon / Wind Pixie

    Simply by using any pixie or griffon to skill them up more. All the above monsters are deserving of 5 star or better.

    Good luck on the rift!

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  • Summoner Asked on April 18, 2016 in Miscellaneous.

    hi Leo,
    Use an XP booster and farm. Or if you took advantage of the angelmon event, hopefully you can raise enough fodder to make a 6 star monster. I highly recommend using the guild shop for the max 4 star rainbowmon each week.

    Good luck on the rift!

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  • Summoner Asked on April 18, 2016 in Who to evolve next?.

    What Libby says is true,
    I will add at this point, they both deserve a 5 star and it probably won’t change much which you do first. IMO I would 5 star Chasun first for the amazing heals. It really does depend on your current monster collection to see which you need more in your kit, more heals/sustain or more damage and turn based stealing.

    Good luck on the rift!

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  • Summoner Asked on April 18, 2016 in Monster Discussion.

    Hi Krator,
    Welcome to the game. You’ve entered the game at a very exciting and busy time with all of the events occurring on the 2 year anniversary. I will say there are plenty of beginner guides out there, many monster suggestions are outdated, but most concepts described still work.

    Try: (first two are YouTubers I think help out at the beginner level decently. The last is alot of reading material all about the game)

    TMG’s 2016 SWSA basics


    Claytano’s beginner tips


    Com2US Forums – Guides

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  • Summoner Asked on April 18, 2016 in Who to evolve next?.

    Hi alefefera,
    Yeah hitting reset because you haven’t gotten a nat 5 star is pretty dumb. Sorry that you got that angry. The game does have a very low percentage summon rate for nat 5 stars, level 40 or not. It really depends on somewhere of 300+ mystical scroll summons to have a good shot at a nat 5 star as an “average.”

    Some people hype up and emphasize nat 5 too much (they’re good, but not all are game breaking). If you are going to continue to play, think about forming good team comps for specific purposes, forget whether or not your monsters are nat 5*, and think about all the great nat 4* monsters and even 3* and 2* monsters that are out there.

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  • Summoner Asked on April 18, 2016 in Miscellaneous.

    Hi nathalia,
    Sorry about your account troubles. Try the Com2Us forums and if able, submit an online ticket about your account.

    Try this link:

    Com2US Issues Forum

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