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Love the chance and randomness in the game - you can't farm/buy every single mon out there and have to make due with what you get.
  • Chloe Asked on October 21, 2016 in Who to evolve next?.

    Looking at your choices, I would suggest Lapis or Raoq.  Both are mediocre mons but both can farm Tamor 3/Faimon 1 hell depending on rune setups (probably need vampire/something setup).  Ramagos will be able to farm Hydeni 5 or Tamor 3 with a vampire (hp/hp/hp) setup but the rate will be very very slow (but consistent).  All the mons you have are going to be rune dependent as there is no “stand out” choice.  Pick the one you think will work the best for your set up.  Hope this helps.  Good luck!

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  • Chloe Asked on October 21, 2016 in Miscellaneous.

    Earlier on in the game save to 750 for bigger pack (11 mons for the “price” of 9).  Later on, late-mid to late game, use crystals to recharge for GB10/DB10 for rune farming and mystic scroll drops (scrolls drop near to better the rate than spending crystals on pack depending on how you farm your crystals). Also remember, great mon with crappy runes < OK mon with great runes.  Hope this helps.  Good luck!

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  • i think this ones i should focus:
    – psamathe (try to build up as farmer)      —————————– 6* priority
    – light isugami  (i think hes good and i should evolve him) ——— 6* priority

    iam unsure (nat. 4*)
    – water sylph ————————————– Tyron is great 6* (despair for CC or Fatal/focus for dmg)
    – wate neonstone-fighter ———————-  Ryan is a good dot mon 5* – low priority 6*
    – water kobold bomber  ————————- Malaka has a great AoE def break and bomb 6*

    – fire sylph  ————————————— Baretta has dot and atk bar reduction 6* (despair for TOA)
    – fire undine  ———————————-    Meh build later for fun but not a priority at all

    – wind taoist  ————————————- Woochi is a great control mon (skill 2&3 decrease atk bar) – despair 5* and 6* eventually

    – ignicus   —————————————– Haven’t built and haven’t been impressed – prob best shark but 5* at max
    – suri  ——————————————– Food
    – kahli ——————————————- fusion mon, ok for buff (used all mine for food/fusion thus far)

    Hope this helps.  Good luck!

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  • Water Nine-tails is your best mon (imo) in the list.  Soha can farm and she can carry.  6* her, skill cap her, and make her your rep.
    In addition, water PT (Luer) is a great addition for def break and slow – I run mine with despair set for CC.  Also, Eshir (light WW) can do insane dmg and recovery – level up and awaken.  Your sky dancer is also worth building.  Fire Barbaric King, Fire Captain, Fire Inugami and Wind Living armor are decent/good and should be leveled but not priority – i.e. 6* if/when you are bored of other ones.  Ramagos is a niche mon and while he can be great, he doesn’t really get used later on.  Fire Grim is also outclassed later on and is niche – probably worth keeping but not a priority in the least.  Use Fire WW for fusion (meh mon at best imo even as a tank).  Water priest is niche now with so many mons that can counter her shield (used to be OP but not so much now) – most likely worth keeping but not priority again.  Again 6* your SOHA and trick her out – I promise you will not regret it.  Hope this helps.  Good luck!

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  • Chloe Asked on October 21, 2016 in Team Composition.

    Looking at your current mons, I would say focus on your magic knight (farmer), wind magic archer (dmg dealer), Sky dancer (heals), and epi priest (heals/rezzer).  The fire inferno (Taragos) is worth keeping and cn be a decent dmg dealer with the right runes.  In addition, you should look at building a Colleen (fire harpu), Konamiya (water garuda), Bernard (wind griffon), and Shannon (wind pixie) as they are all heals/support 2* mons that will last you to end game.  Also, if you come across a water witch (Megan) keep her and build her for arena as well as possibly fire dungeons (magic/giants/dragons) depending on your team composition.  Now, with all that said don’t get rid of any of the mons you’ve leveled that are fusion (looking at your Anduril) as you will need them to make the fusion mons later on (in you are unable to now).  For fusion look at fusing a Baretta (fire sylphid) as he is a nice addition and useful as a farmer or (runed differently) in TOA.  Also Veromos is one of the (I hate to say necessary but) nearly necessary mons of the game farther along so look to fuse him as early as you can.  There is very little you can’t get through initially with a Veromos, Belladon, Bernard, Shannon, xx(something usually healer)xx, team for pretty much all but fire.  Hope this helps and points you in the direction you want to go.  Remember, all mons have potential, it’s the runes coupled with the skills that make or break them.

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  • Chloe Asked on November 4, 2015 in Runes.

    To add to Pansage’s post, their are 6 total rune slots.  Runes 1-3-5 are “fixed stats,” i.e. 1- atk, 3- def, 5- hp.  These will only and always be those stats (no % stats for main) with various substats (these are what is important on 1-3-5).  Runes 2-4-6 are the “more important” ones as they can be more “tailored” to individual monsters.  2-4-6 are also the runes that have % whatever stats and the % attributes are generally what you want in 2-4-6 (exception is speed in slot 2 depending on mon).  You should try to never use a straight stat +whatever if you can use a % stat (ex: + atk %) as the percentage stats are MUCH more powerful.
    So, depending on what the particular mon needs  (atk%, spd, hp%, def%, crit rate%, etc), you should focus on finding/farming/buying runes that have those particular stats.  Some stat attributes are only for particular rune slots (ex: atk % is found in all 2-4-6 but spd is only in slot 2).  Atk%, HP%, Def% are found in any 2-4-6.  Spd is slot 2,  Crit rate%, Crit dmg% is slot 4, and accuracy % & resistance % is slot 6.
    Runes are one of the most important aspects of this game.  A great mon with bad runes will probably be mediocre at best, and a mediocre mon with great runes can really shine.  Hope this helps. Good luck!

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  • Chloe Asked on November 2, 2015 in Monster Discussion.

    I would have to say Chasun.  She has 2 heals to Emma’s single heal.  Plus both Chasun’s heals have a 4 turn CD while Emma’s is 6 turns (maxing skills helps but Chasun can heal more often).  Emma has a decent heal with a shield component (with over-heal) as well as enemy buff remover and situation atk bar filler.  She’s definitely worth 5* and prob even 6* but you just can’t go wrong with Chasun.  Hope this helps.  Good luck!

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  • Chloe Asked on November 2, 2015 in Team Composition.

    Make more 5* — Aquila, Draco, Konamiya (cleanser), Michelle (rezzer), Ahman (one of the best heals w/enough crit).  For Magic B7 you’ll need all 5* and prob 2 heals w/decent support (Shannon and Bernard good choices) with 1-2 dmg dealers.  For Giants B7 (Dark) you will need immunity/cleanse mons like Draco (Whistle grants immunity) and Konamiya (Peace cleanses debuffs) or Michelle (Blow Flow reduces debuff time and lengthens buff time) to deal with the DoTs that the mons, towers and Boss apply.  You should focus on having 5-8_5* mons before making a 6*.  Hope this helps.  Good luck!

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  • Chloe Asked on October 28, 2015 in Monster Discussion.

    Yes it does.  Just tested it out as I  was writing this.  Tarq’s Group Hunt uses the 2 other mon’s 1st skill and if that skill can apply a debuff, it has the same chance as if you were attacking with that mon alone.  Hope this helps.  Good luck!

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  • Chloe Asked on October 27, 2015 in Team Composition.

    The biggest thing is probably to make more 5*.  You’ll clear more content and get better runes and essences.  Don’t worry about arena too much right now.  Do daily arena battles but expect to have low rating at this point.  As for your mons, all mons are worth 5* (at least for food for 6*).  I bolded the mons below that I would level/focus on (just my opinion):  You want at least 1-5* healer (water garuda, wind yeti, fire harpu all good early choices, water howl, epikion priests and fairys decent too — light inugami and light bearman as soon as you can farm from secret dungeons)

    5* Samurai – good arena atk, mediocre dungeon

    4* Elucia ( Fairy ) – decent arena atk (control with freeze and sleep), mediocre heals

    4* Lapis – good water farmer up to/through mid game

    4* Purian – Ok for arena atk but generally food unless you need a single target water atk mon

    4* Sharron – fusion/food

    4* Kernodon – good water tank, worth keeping

    4* Nickel – food for Copper (wind armor)

    4* Rina – decent arena def (not as good since nerf), decent tanky healer

    4* Mermaid – worth keeping and leveling

    3* Lulu – worth keeping at least to/through mid game

    3* Konamiya – worth keeping (total cleanse all debuffs vs Lulu cleanse 1 debuff only)

    3* Penguin Knight – food

    3* Golem – fusion/food, can be decent arena defense early through mid gae

    3* Low Elemental – food

    3* Imp Champion – food

    3* Minotauros – food

    3* Serpent – food, ok early to mid game water tank

    3* Charger Shark – decent water farmer and dungeon

    3* Griffon – fusion/food

    3* Martial Artist – decent water tank/def based attacker and self healer

    3* Harpy x4 – fusion/food

    3* Mystic Witch x2 – great mon for arena and decent for dungeon where you can’t/shouldn’t use Shannon (wind Pixie)

    3* Amazon – decent water AoE attacker early to mid game

    3* Bounty Hunter x2 – decent mon, worth keeping, poor mans Bernard (spd boost)

    3* Magical Archer – fusion/food

    2* Yeti – food

    2* Hellhound – decent arena atk and alright in dungeons (worth having one)

    2* Viking – food



    5* Zibrolta – keep and use

    4* Sieq – keep and use

    4* Sath – alright fire atk mon, debuff good for wind dungeon

    4* Nangrim x2 – fusion/food

    4* Cogma x2 – fusion/food

    3* Golem – food, ok arena def early to mid game

    3* Salamander – fusion/food

    3* Vagabond x2 – food, ok fire tank early to mid game if needed

    3* Drunken Master x3 – food

    3* Amazon – food

    3* Taoist – food for light>wind taoist

    3* Serpent – fusion/food

    3* Minotauros – food

    3* High Elemental x2 – fusion, ok fire dmg mon and decent team crit buff

    3* Penguin Knight – food

    3* Bearman x2 – food (one of the worst mon in the game – feed to light>wind bearman)

    3* Harpy – food

    3* Fairy – food

    3* Griffon – some people use him, food imo

    3* Bounty Hunter x2 – buff can be alright early to mid game, otherwise food for water bounty hunter

    3* Magical Archer – decent AoE fire attack mon early to mid game

    2* Garuda – food

    Fire Harpu is worth leveling for heals, buff, and enemy healing debuff as well (really a great mon worth 5*)


    4* Michelle – decent to good heals

    4* Roger – food for water bounty hunter

    4* Taoist – worth keeping for control (atk bar reducer) support mon/ meh attacker

    3* Ramagos – worth 5* or even 6* for farming and “last man standing attacker”

    3* Chichi – food

    3* Bearman – decent support mon and tanky supporter

    3* Vagabond – food

    3* Seal – fusion and/or food

    3* Imp Champion x2 – food

    3* Griffon – keep and 5* (needed for high end dungeons)

    3* Inugami x2 – food for light/fire inugami

    3* Salamander – fusion and/or food

    3* Penguin Knight x2 – food

    3* Amazon – fusion and/or food

    3* Harpy – fusion, ok attack mon early if no better wind mons

    3* Martial Cat x2 – fusion/food

    3* Serpent – ok arena def early and/or food

    3* Werewolf – fusion/food

    3* Charger Shark – food

    3* Living Armor – keep and level to 5* or 6* – good for dungeons (atk power is based off defense)

    3* Mystic Witch x2 – food for water (maybe for light in your case as well but water>light)

    Level a Wind Pixie (Shannon)
    Wind Yeti is worth leveling as well – one of the best heals in the game with 4- 5 mons on team


    3* Garuda – ok rez and heals early on

    3* Bounty Hunter – ok arena atk

    3* Mystic Witch – decent atk not a priority but worth keeping

    3* Harpu – food unless you want to keep for “light team”/fun


    3* Garuda – food unless you want for “dark team”/fun
    Hope this helps.  Good luck!

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