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  • Trainer Asked on February 3, 2017 in Ratings.

    I wonder, how can you be on your 23rd day on 31. of January, when you say you play every day. To fill the requirements for a L&D scroll you need only 24 days, that makes for 24th of January. For me it seems like this doesn’t add up. Have I misunderstood the situation here?

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  • Trainer Asked on September 28, 2016 in Monster Discussion.

    Tips for Belladeon SD (or any other SD)

    Try 2 minute runs and then re-run, it will prove to be more efficient than running until you die or finish stage 10. This is be cause you will waste a lot of time when the monsters get stronger and harder to kill. Lets do the math:

    You need 40 pieces and lets assume you are guaranteed 1 piece from 2 minute runs, and maybe 2.

    60 (min) divided by 2 (min) is equal to 30 runs

    This means you are guaranteed 30 pieces and you will probably get 2 pieces in some of the runs so really more like 40 pieces. If you don’t like the odds you just adjust your run time to whatever you see fit πŸ˜€

    Up-vote if this is useful πŸ™‚

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  • Trainer Asked on August 28, 2016 in Miscellaneous.

    Hi natypink!

    There is unfortunately no way to retrieve your Elven Ranger. But you do not have to worry, it is not a crucial monster to have! πŸ™‚ And you will get your hand on monsters with better synergy and utility.


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  • Trainer Asked on August 24, 2016 in Arena.

    Hi there michi!

    Yes this is normal, just keep your defense low so you drop down fast so you don’t have to louse on purpose and waste wings.

    And dont forget to always buy devilmons, next priority should be the 2 energy buildings, and then speed building πŸ˜€

    Good luck to you!

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  • Trainer Asked on August 17, 2016 in Monster Discussion.

    A great tip for secret dungeons is to never use more than 2 minutes per run no matter how far you have come. This is the most efficient way to get the pieces you need! So 2 minuets in the run you quit and re-run it!

    Good luck on getting Bella!

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  • Trainer Asked on August 17, 2016 in Who to evolve next?.

    Hi there TricksterMaster!

    You’ve got some nice summons there, and the potensial for progression is great! πŸ™‚

    The main rule of 6* is to go for the best farmer. I would suggest that you go for Julien. He will farm Hydeni 5 (Hell), and from there you can raise fodder faster and later on 6* a support like Bella or Ahman. I would not 6* Raoq, he is good early in the game but mid/late-game he will be to weak and you can’t rely on his first skill to continue hitting. But he will be a great monster to feed Bella for his 6*.

    Your first priority is to grind giants and improve your runes. You also need some more 6*. First your farmer, then a support. I would go for Bella since you definitely want him in your GB10 team and then you probably have Veromos ready for 6*.

    When you have 6* these monsters i think you will be closing in on GB10.

    From what monsters you currently have, I would say a GB10 team would look like this:

    1st Veromos (L) – you don’t got him, but as you said yourself; soon. He provides the skill that will do the most damage to the giant (DoT)
    2nd Bernard – Speed and def/att-break
    3rd Shannon – Slow, glancing hit and att/def buff
    4th Bella – AoE heal, def-break and buff-removal
    5th (filler) this is just a monster of your own choice but Ahman is a great choice if you lack heal – More heal and taunt

    You will be needing about 15k hp on each monster. Just keep building whoever dies first stronger by powering up runes for 6* them. The reason i want you to concentrate on this team is that their synergy is excellent against GB10. And you will find all the monsters useful later in ToA for example.

    You do not really want to use time building a dragon team yet, as you will need the runes GB10 will give you. The same is to say for ToA, that is not your main objective right now, but always go as far as you can to claim useful rewards.

    When it comes to ToA you want to bring monsters with good CC (crowd control). For this you got excellent monsters as well. The whole GB10 team will serve you well in ToA, but maybe not in the same team composition. Monsters as Baretta and Tyron is BEASTS in ToA and is some of the most used monsters, but build Baretta first, and be sure to equip him with despair runes. Despair runes goes for Shannon too.

    Last i will remind you again, you HAVE to grind giants to improve your runes, this game is a whole lot about the runes!

    I hope this helps for something, and don’t hesitate to ask for more specifics etc..

    I advice you to read around the forum to learn more. The top users SpdJJC and SW0831JM has much knowledge to offer, and be sure to up-vote the comments you find useful! πŸ˜€


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  • Trainer Asked on August 15, 2016 in Monster Discussion.

    Hi there qubear!

    I’m sorry to hear you have a hard time getting your hands on Bella!

    Ahman is a great primary healer (as long as you get his crit rate to 70-100%) and a “must have” monster, and will serve you well both before and after getting Bella!

    Good luck to you!

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  • Trainer Asked on August 12, 2016 in Miscellaneous.

    Hi there tuckab!

    It all depends on where you want to see progress, but normally i would suggest Sigmarus after Vero. He will do you well in DB10 and ToA due to his CC. Panda is good for Necro or Raid, but in my opinion that should not yet be your first priority.

    Though if you have Chloe you could consider Katarina,Β they work quite well together with Chloe’s invincible skill and Katarina’s 3rd skill that ignores defense in invincible state.

    Hope this might be enlightening for you πŸ˜€


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  • Trainer Asked on August 12, 2016 in Monster Discussion.

    That is all ok! πŸ™‚ But you will soon find some of them very un-useful, and they will just steal room. Some of them will probably disappear during eagerness of evolving some other monsters. And be ready for that with removing runes from monsters you don’t use too much on free rune-removal day.

    Good Luck Have Fun!

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  • Trainer Asked on August 10, 2016 in Monster Discussion.

    Hi there DII26!

    I would say 6* Eladriel πŸ™‚ He will help Γ₯ lot in may aspects of the game and help your team surviving.

    I would use Kahli for fusion for Sigmarus, she is very squishy and is mostly used for arena/gw offence. But if you have skilled her up I would consider not useing her for fusion, either way you want to fuse Sigmarus after Veromos.

    When it comes to what monsters you should keep i would say at least keep your fusion monsters, Vero is your first priority fusion.

    And now for the list i would say is expendable:
    Fire werewolf
    Tarq (useful in necro, but you won’t be thinking on that for a long time πŸ˜‰
    Sieq (Too squishy, and not useful in mid-game, you can maybe build one later)
    Wind Kung Fu Girl
    Fire Living Armor
    Wind Inferno
    Fire Viking (keep one for later fusion)
    Water Pixie
    Wind Battle Mammoth
    All Imps
    I would say all Magical Archers
    Wind Harpu
    Water Grim Reaper
    Wind Fairy
    All Salamanders
    Water Howl (I belive you don’t need it, cause you have wind AA for heal + revive)
    Wind Howl
    Wind Yeti
    Fire Yeti
    Fire Bounty Hunter (I think i would more use Wind Horus for the buffs Randy normally provide. But paired with Copper they make a pretty solid team.)
    Wind Kung Fu Girl
    All Martial Cats
    Fire Taoist
    Fire High Elemental (Someone might diss-agree)
    Lucien (He is a hard hitter, but he has poor synergy with other monsters in my opinion, totally food)
    Drunken masters
    Water High Elemental
    Fire Warbear
    Water elemental
    Wind Werewolf
    Water Battle Mammoth (if you find him useful keep him for a while longer)
    Dark Cowgirl
    Fire Amazon

    You might disagree in some monsters, but remember this is only for guidence πŸ™‚
    And remember to keep one of each fusion monster.

    When it comes to who to build and concentrate on here is what you should prioritize.

    First you want to be able to auto GB10 and for that you should try to obtain a couple of monsters. The first monster i would try to get is Belladeon, he will help you all over the game, and has a set of very useful skills at GB10.

    Ahman is a great healer you want to get too. Also useful at GB10, and extremely useful in ToA.

    Veromos is not a must, but you want to start the fusion process.

    Konamiya is a great cleanser but Veromos will replace him in GB10

    Shannon and Bernard is great at GB10 and ToA.

    With these monsters at your disposal you have a cupel of alternatives and you should focus on whoever you choose to take to GB10

    Alternative 1:

    Eladriel (L)
    Konamiya (Veromos is preferable and use him as leader if you have him)

    Alternative 2:

    Konamiya/Vero (L)
    Bernard (Leader if you do not have Vero)

    As you can see Bella, Shannon, Bernard Kona/Vero is always listed, this is because of their incredible synergy in GB10 and the 5th monster is rather more of a filler, it depends on what keeps you from autoing the giant. You might need more AoE heal, then use Ahman, or it might be just sufficient using Eladriel or maybe Fedora as leader (defense)

    You need about 15k hp on each monster. And remember it is almost all about the runes, so farming B6-B8 for a week or 3 is sometimes a must.

    You have maybe also noticed the amount of support monsters, this is because on your first auto team you only want to survive, dont think about clearing the dungeon fast just yet.

    You could always try Shimitae as the 5th filler too, great if it works out for you!

    I hope this helps in some way for you, and please up-vote if you find it useful πŸ™‚


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